Ankara, Turkey – Greece is exploiting Navtex, which has been declared for cruise safety, and using it outside its purpose, security sources said, noting that it is trying to sabotage negotiations for a solution.

Greece was forced to sit at the table with Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, where it failed to bend its wrist. Provocative steps continue to come from the Athens front as talks continue.

An international cruise safety system is used throughout the world to deliver warnings about navigational hazards to ensure the safety of seafarers ‘ lives and property. Warnings are announced to sailors via Messages called ‘Navigational Telex’ (Navtex) from satellite communication systems and ground stations that perform globally in 21 separate navigational zones on earth.

According to security sources, Greece against Turkey Navtex some baseless claims based on the rights and interests of the exploited in order to generate, he stated that, “in this case with reference to the relevant announcement, we have to record our objections to inform sailors of our seas environmental and informational announcements are published within the scope of reciprocity” commented.

Recalling that an example of this provocation was seen yesterday, security sources said that Greece announced two new Navtex covering a large area in Turkey’s area of responsibility for the purpose of shooting training, and that Turkey also published these Navtex ads again, noting that the announced sites were in the area of responsibility of Antalya Navtex station.