Washington, USA – The US State Department called Turkey’s resumption of research activities in the Eastern Mediterranean a “provocation” and called for a halt to research and a resumption of exploratory talks with Greece.

Turkey announced on October 11 that Turkey has resumed research activities in the areas of Blue Homeland in the Eastern Mediterranean.
The resumption of operations of the Oruç Reis seismic research ship in the Eastern Mediterranean is very significant for Turkey’s natural rights and interests.

US claimed that Turkey’s action had “unilaterally” escalated tensions in the region and “deliberately made it difficult” for exploratory talks between Turkey and Greece, two NATO allies, to resume where they left off.

“Pressure, threats, intimidation and military actions will not resolve tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean,” the US spokesman said in a statement. We call on Turkey to put an end to this calculated provocation and to begin exploratory negotiations with Greece as soon as possible. Unilateral actions do not establish trust and do not produce permanent solutions.”he gave his assessment.

It was announced that the 61st round of exploratory talks between Turkey and Greece will be held in Istanbul “soon”.

The 60th round, the last of the exploratory talks between the two countries, launched in 2002, was held in Athens on 1 March 2016. The talks, which were suspended by the Greek government at the time, continued in the form of political consultations after that date, but did not return to the framework.