Washington, USA – Turkey’s test of the S-400 air defense system purchased from Russia in the Black Sea today came from the Imperialist United States. “If Turkey activates the system, it will have very serious consequences in our security relationship,” the US State Department said in a statement.

Reuters had announced that Russian-made S-400 air defense systems deployed to the city of Sinop for test firing fired a missile near the test firing site. Footage seen by the agency showed a column of smoke rising into the sky in the city of Sinop.

In its warning notes to sailors and airmen published this week, Turkey reported that test shots would be fired off Sinop.

A statement by the US State Department said the purchase of Russian military systems such as the S-400 was unacceptable. In terms of security relations with Turkey, the statement warned that the use of the S-400 air defense system would have “potential serious consequences.”

“We strongly condemn the S-400 missile test, which, if confirmed, does not match Turkey’s responsibilities as a NATO ally and Strategic Partner of the United States,” U.S. State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus said in a statement.

At the beginning of the week, Turkey issued a note of information (NOTAM) to Airmen and a Navtex (maritime announcement) message for the firing exercise on the grounds that it will launch missiles over the Black Sea, effective on October 16-17.

Last week, S-400s sold from Russia were transported to Sinop, and images of the shipment of air defense systems were also published in the press.

The Imperialist United States, which opposed Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 from Russia, had warned Ankara that this system was not compatible with NATO systems.

After Turkey did not give up the S-400s, the Imperialist United States removed Turkey from the F-35 program. The United States had also threatened Turkey with sanctions if it started using S-400s. The sanctions resolution, passed in the Senate, awaits the signature of US President Donald Trump.

Turkey and Russia signed the $ 2.5 billion S-400 agreement in 2017, and air defense systems were transferred to Turkey in June 2019.