Brussels, Belgium – Kay Bailey Hutchison, the US Ambassador to NATO, made cheeky remarks about Turkey carrying out the first tests of the S-400s it bought from Russia. “Turkey’s testing of the S-400s on NATO territory is extremely distressing for all of us,” Hutchison said, making menacing statements, saying that Turkey had sacrificed a lot to own the S-400s.

“These developments are not good at all,” Hutchison said, answering Turkey’s questions about U.S.-NATO relations and the test of the S-400 defense system. Hutchison said the United States and even all NATO had made “very intensive efforts” to prevent this from 2017, when Turkey announced it would buy the S-400s.

“We, along with our entire NATO alliance, have done everything we can to dissuade Turkey from receiving a missile defense system from Russia, which we consider an adversary. Getting a missile defense system from Russia and putting it into our NATO alliance. that’s a red line. There is no doubt about that,” he said.

Recalling that Turkey was excluded from the F-35 program due to the S-400s, US Ambassador to NATO Hutchison also pointed out that the consequences that Turkey may face may not be limited to this.

“They have sacrificed a lot in order to have a Russian missile defense system in Turkey, “said Hutchison, the American ambassador,” we are very unhappy that we have not been able to convince them to stick to our alliance. We are very unhappy that we have not been able to convince ourselves to try to resolve issues of sovereignty without reaching out to the Russian missile defense system,” he said.

“The Norwegian system, then the SAMS, which are Italian and French-made, American Patriots,” Hutchison said, explaining that Turkey has been offered many different defense systems. They had a lot of options. But they tried the S-400s, the Russian system within our NATO alliance. This is a very distressing situation for all of us.”

US Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison was also asked about tensions between two NATO allies, Greece and Turkey. “Despite NATO’s mediation efforts, tensions remain in the Eastern Mediterranean. What is the U.S. position? What can NATO do to reduce blood pressure between the two allies?”to his question, the US ambassador gave the following answer:

“We are very concerned about this conflict. NATO played a role in preventing a conflict. It is of great importance for us that these problems between the two sides are not resolved by a military conflict. NATO has presented steps that must be taken to ensure that there are no military conflicts or mistakes. We did this. But the essence of the matter needs to be resolved. In other words, the maritime borders between Turkey and Greece or Cyprus must be determined. This, in turn, can only be done with a mediator agreed by the parties. And this is Germany. We encourage both sides to hold talks with Germany to avoid conflict and resolve problems.”