Moscow, Russia – “Erdogan is pursuing an independent foreign policy despite pressure,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said, pointing out that projects between Turkey and Russia are realized thanks to the determination of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” said.

Putin answered questions posed at a meeting of the International Discussion Club Valday, which he attended by video conference. Answering a question about whether Russia will have a position as an intermediate decider in the tension between Turkey and France in the Eastern Mediterranean, Vladimir Putin said that his country has good relations with both France and Turkey.

“We have good and sustainable relations with France, if not full-fledged. The volume of cooperation with Turkey is growing. Turkey is our neighbor. Our relations are important for both Turkey and Russia. In this case, I do not think that there is a need for our decisiveness between the two countries. Both countries such as Turkey and France can resolve their relations themselves. Although Erdogan’s position seems harsh, I know he is flexible. It can be spoken in common language with him. So I hope this will improve as well.”was in the form.

Vladimir Putin, who also mentioned relations between Turkey and Russia, pointed out that the volume of bilateral trade is more than $ 20 billion.

“Erdogan, despite the pressures, is pursuing an independent foreign policy. We realized the Turkakim project with him in a very short time. But we can’t do it quickly with Europe., “he said.

Recalling that they had problems with Europe in implementing the North Stream 2 Natural Gas Pipeline project, Vladimir Putin said: “However, despite the reactions with Turkey, we did this (Turkakim project) very quickly, understanding our own national values. Erdogan said,’ we will make it happen, ‘ and we have made it happen. Turkey also agreed and purchased the S-400 system in the field of Military Technical Cooperation. It’s nice and safe to work with a partner like that.”he made his assessment.