Damascus, Syria – The Russian air force deployed Su-57 stealth fighters to the war-torn country Syria. Warships sailing from Russia reportedly passed through the Straits of Turkey. 142 broadside’ Novocherkassk ‘and 150 broadside’ Saratov ‘ warships passed through the Istanbul Strait yesterday and the Dardanelles Strait this morning. The warships, which reached the Aegean Sea, continued to follow their course towards Syria.

The Ropucha-class Novocherkassk is a tank-carrying landing ship. The Tapir-class Saratov is also a landing craft carrying tanks and armored vehicles. The two warships are attached to the Russian Black Sea Fleet 197th amphibious ship Brigade. The ships are estimated to be carrying tanks, armoured vehicles, weapons and ammunition to the Assad regime. Syria’s move has been interpreted as a harbinger of new attacks.

Russia’s attacks targeting civilians in Syria continue. As these attacks continue, the Russian side interestingly ‘we are good with Turkey’ exits. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made statements about cooperation with Turkey at the “Mediterranean: Roman Dialogue” conference he attended. Lavrov noted that there are good neighborly relations between Russia and Turkey, stressing that Russia and Turkey have successfully cooperated in various aspects and have plans for further development of bilateral cooperation. Despite differences in approach on various issues, he said, the two countries eventually managed to unite their efforts and help with a ceasefire in various armed conflict zones.