Moscow, Russia – Russia showed the world for the first time the prototype of the next-generation ghost fighter PAK DA (PAK YES) in the immediate aftermath of tensions in the Pacific skies with Japan and South Korea.

Meanwhile, Russia has begun construction of a prototype of its long-range, ghost bomber, which it plans to complete next year. It is reported that the engine of the long-range aircraft has been produced and tests will begin soon.

The new aircraft could carry advanced missiles and bombs, including hypersonic weapons, when the PAK was also completed and put into service.

The fighter, also called the PAK DA and said to be the final product of the ‘sixth generation’, is expected to compete with the US-developed B-2 strategic stealth bomber, which entered service in 1997.

Russia already has stealth fighter Sukhoi-57 fighter jets in its inventory. However, this aircraft was first tested in 2010, but was not mass-produced.

The test flight of the PAK DA is scheduled to take place in 2025, and mass production is also scheduled to begin in 2028. The Pak, manufactured by Tupolev, will also be capable of being airborne for 30 hours and will replace the Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22M3 fighter jets in the coming years.