Istanbul, Turkey- Reactions to the US decision to impose sanctions on Turkey under the CAATSA announced continue to increase. Retired Rear Admiral and Bahcesehir University DEGS President Assoc. Dr. Cihat Yaycı made statements about the issue. Yayci pointed out that US sanctions will make Turkey stronger in the field of defense industry.

Reactions to the decision on unfair scandal US sanctions imposed by the United States on Turkey continue to grow. Yayci explained that the sanctions that the United States has decided to implement under CAATSA will further strengthen the Turkish Defense Industry.

Retired Rear Admiral Yayci stated that the scandal US sanctions will help Turkey’s defense industry to develop further by strengthening it. In particular, Turkey is now at an important point in terms of self-sufficiency, Yayci said:

“These scandal US sanctions are an embargo. Each embargo has made the Turkish nation even stronger. It has always made and developed a propellant rocket effect in the Turkish defense industry. The Turkish defense industry is strong. As always, the stock levels of the Turkish Armed Forces are sufficient. Planning is done many years ago, today it is predictable. Our people should not be alarmed.”

“Our national pride is above all”

Yayci also said that Turkey’s pride and honor are above all, while saying that it will not be crushed under scandal US sanctions and embargoes:

“Every evil has a benefit; scandal US sanctions and embargoes are an opportunity for us to develop our national defense industry. In the future, the Turkish defense industry will successfully reach advanced points. Our national pride and honor is above all else. The pride and dignity of the Turk is not weak enough to be crushed by sanctions. The whole world has known and will know this throughout history. Turkey will surely learn from this situation and increase alliance alternatives.”

Turkey says it was forced to buy the Russian S-400 air defense system because the US refused to sell it American-made Patriot missiles. The Turkish government has also pointed to what it considers a double standard, as NATO member Greece uses Russian-made upgraded S-300 missiles.