Nantes, France – A frightening development in France! They wrote ‘Death to the Turks’ on the walls. Anti – Islam France, an enemy of Islam, has become the focus of systematic racist attacks on the legal commercial and cultural assets of Turks and Muslims.

A Turkish tradesman living in Nantes, France, has been forced to close his shop because of a racist attack.

The othering language used by French President Emmanuel Macron in domestic politics continues to turn into violence against Muslims living in the country. Islamophobic rhetoric, which had previously been supported by Charlie Hebdo magazine’s insulting publications aimed at the Prophet Muhammad, had turned into action in the country, causing anti-Islamic violence. Finally, a Turkish tradesman living in the city of Nantes said he had been forced to close his shop for a week because of the escalating attacks.

As Y.B. returned from work, he noticed that his brother had written articles in his shop, Y.B. said that violent messages such as “Get Out of Here, Go Home, Long Live The Pig; Long Live Le Pen, Death to Erdogan, France, Death to the French, Death to the Turks” were included.

Y.B., who said that there were two messages of support among the messages, expressed that they had lived in the Nantes region for 7 years and witnessed such an event for the first time.

Y.B., pointing out that the pressure on Turks and Muslims has increased recently in France, said: “Enough is enough! As a Turkish nation, we do not attack anyone, nor do we do wrong. We’ll come and do our job. Everyone knows the Turkish nation, ” he said.

2 days after the articles written to the store, the storefronts were broken, emphasizing that Y.B. entered and told that everything was broken and spilled.

Y.B. said that after calling 3 times, the cops came to the scene and told them, “this is not an important event for us.” Although we are of Turkish origin, I was born and raised here, after all, my identity says a French citizen. But we didn’t say anything, we kept our respect. They came, took pictures and left,” he said.