Moscow, Russia – The main goal of Russia, which wants to disable Turkey in the Karabakh conflict, which has not been resolved for years between Armenia and Azerbaijan, is to keep Armenia under control.

Armenia’s attacks on Azerbaijani territory reignited the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which has not been resolved for years. As Azerbaijan continues its operations to recover Armenian-occupied territory, Russia wants to disable Turkey at the table.

Russia, which has made various attempts to prevent Turkey from being at the negotiating table, is making every effort to ensure that Armenia, its ally, does not remain in a difficult situation and, most importantly, does not change the status quo in the region.

Turkey changes balances

Russia does not want the status quo to change in the region, and the co-chairs of the Minsk Group have the same goal; failure to change the status quo does Russia’s job. Both it strengthens its presence in the region and Armenia’s need for Russia is growing. Russia has a military base in Armenia. They have formed a joint army with the Armenians and are somehow donating weapons. But on the other hand, Russia also has cooperation with Azerbaijan. Most importantly, he thinks that Russia will be difficult to control Azerbaijan if the Karabakh conflict is resolved.

The fact that Turkey plays an active role in solving problems in the South Caucasus will change the balance, which Russia fears; if Turkey intervenes, the balance will be against Russia and Armenia. For this reason, Russia is trying to keep Turkey out of the process.