Ankara, Turkey – After Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin announced that “exploratory talks can start again” regarding Greece, where we have tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, there was a signal of further cooperation with the two countries with which our relations are broken. “We have some political conflicts with Israel and Egypt. They do not have to stand in the way of cooperation on energy,” he said.

Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin made remarkable statements about the emerging energy-related tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. “We look positively at the start of a fair and sharing energy platform conference, meeting or process with the participation of coastal countries,” said Ibrahim Kalin, noting the political conflict with some countries located on the coast of the region.

Pointing to Greece, he said: “at the moment we have arrived, the climate has become much more conducive to the start of these talks. In the near term, our negotiations on this are continuing, exploratory talks / (for discovery and investigation) negotiations can start again,” Kalin said, using the statements, if it is related to Egypt and Israel, where our relations have been disrupted:

Yes, at the moment we have some political differences with Israel and Egypt, we have conflicts. These do not necessarily have to be an obstacle to cooperation on energy. Because we are all part of this geography in the final analysis, since we cannot change the geography, we must act in the light of these facts. Therefore, we look positively at the launch of a fair and sharing energy platform conference, meeting or process with the participation of all Mediterranean coastal countries, which has been expressed more often recently.

Our president has already conveyed this to his interlocutors, he said. Both the EU President and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be back on the agenda at talks, probably next week. We look at it positively. Because if there is a wealth in places described as disputed areas, regions, they can be shared. Their mechanisms, modalities can be developed and studied. This is not a difficult and impossible thing. Therefore, we can convert energy sources in the Eastern Mediterranean into a source, a value that will benefit all countries.