Baku, Azerbaijan – President of the World Congress of Azerbaijanis Dr. Asif Kurban said that Armenia is a terrorist state and once again showed the whole world that it cannot stand even 1 hour of peace.

After the attacks launched by Armenia, Armenia, which was forced to the ceasefire table by a heavy blow inflicted by Azerbaijan, abused the ceasefire and attacked civilians. The Armenian army launched a missile attack on Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, before the first 24 hours of the ceasefire had expired. The city was destroyed in the attack, in which several people were killed and wounded. President of the World Congress of Azerbaijanis Dr. Asif Kurban assessed what had happened.

Armenia, even targeting the civilian population of Azerbaijan willingly, massacred without blinking an eye, without saying children, the victim said, noting that there were many dead and injured civilians. The victim pointed out that one of the dead was a child.

Dr. Kurban Said: “Armenia reveals that it is a rogue state every day. It reveals that it is a state of terror and is a problem for the security of the region. Armenia is fighting fugitive and treacherous. He deliberately attacks the areas where civilians live in Azerbaijan as he loses in the region where the war is going.” said.

Armenia’s expectation is that Azerbaijan will also attack Armenian civilians, the victim said, stressing that Azerbaijan protects its humanity and does not take such steps by respecting international law.

“Armenia’s intention is to spread the war to the region and to include other countries and to throw the region on fire., “he said.

Kurban Said: “many great States with double standards see Armenians attacking civilians, but pretend not to. Killing innocent people is in Armenia’s yeast. It is necessary to say that this barbarism of Armenia is enough. We expect justice from the world. How many more civilians will die. The Azerbaijani army, on the other hand, continues its operations to clean up our provinces and regions outside of Karabakh, which is accepted by the world and has its own territory, from terrorists. The Azerbaijani army is strong and will purge enemies from its own historical territory, its own right.”description found.