Ankara, Turkey – President Erdogan we are the only NATO country in Syria that is facing Daesh he said at the G20 leaders summit which was held via video conference president and AK party chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan made important statements by video conference at the g20 leaders summit head of lines from President Erdogan’s remarks.

“We see that the epidemic has deepened many problems especially poverty and inequality. Turkey is the country that has hosted the most Syrian refugees in the last six years. Moreover we are making these efforts despite the fact that the promises of support given to us have not been fulfilled.”

“We must strengthen the financial resources of humanitarian aid to war-affected areas and at-risk communities.” “We are the only NATO country in Syria facing Daesh we are actively contributing to the fight against climate change.”

“We are making every effort to eliminate the terrorist threat prevent conflicts and strengthen stability although we were left alone.” “We have so far captured about 9 000 foreign terrorist fighters and sent them back to their countries.”

“New injustices, new double standards should not be allowed to form when tackling environmental pollution and climate change a system that does not serve people does not give people peace, well-being and value does not ensure justice and security has no chance of success. It is possible that the current global economic architecture based on ambition, domination, injustice and rant protects neither man nor nature.