Zonguldak, Turkey – President Erdogan announced the amount of new natural gas reserves in the Black Sea. The Reserve, announced in August at 320 billion cubic meters, increased to 405 billion cubic meters.

President and AKP leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was conducting investigations on the Fatih drilling ship in Zonguldak, made a statement.

President Erdogan updated the ‘gospel ‘ about the natural gas reserves in the Black Sea. Drilling the boat in the comments on Fatih, Erdogan said:

As a result of the studies, we announced on August 21 that we found 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the first two layers.

At the end of the studies, we reached an additional reserve of 85 billion cubic meters at a depth of 4,445 meters.

Thus, the total amount of gas in the Tuna-1 Region of Sakarya field was 405 billion cubic meters.

The Reserve we discovered in the Black Sea is the largest hydrocarbon source of our country to date.

Our goal is to make this gas available to our nation in 2023.

Work on the well was completed at a depth of 4,775 meters. Fatih drilling ship will be taken into care at the Port of Filyos, and then it will continue its work in the Black Sea.

I hope that we will further expand this resource with the good news that we will receive from new drilling in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Currently, our Yavuz drilling ship, Barbaros Hayrettin and Oruç Reis seismic research ships continue their activities.

Our drilling ships account for about 20 percent of the world’s total fleet. Our ships have the most modern equipment in their field.

Thanks to the submarine robot, we will be able to achieve electricity needs at a depth of hundreds of meters and video images with a remote control without any risk.

The resources we discover are very important as economic value. Turkey is a net importer country in this regard. With these discoveries, which I believe will continue, our country’s dependence on natural gas will be significantly reduced. This also means that we will provide our nation with cheaper natural gas.

Turkey has come to its place today with its own labor, staying out of the conflicts. We opened new doors without consent to efforts to exclude Turkey from the struggle to share resources in the eastern Mediterranean.

We have no eyes for anyone, for their law, especially for their land. We are determined to use all our power through diplomacy to succeed in this struggle. The fact that the EU has become a prisoner of Greece and Greece in this regard is most damaging to itself.

If, in the current discussions, the Eastern Mediterranean does not take a fair position, this will be an official announcement that the end of the EU is coming.

The EU, which has lost power with Britain’s departure, cannot bear the burden of being disabled on the fair division of Natural Resources.

During a critical period of restructuring at the global and regional levels, the EU has no other authority to give. As Turkey, we are mindful of our own business.

We will continue to search for hydrocarbon resources in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. We will continue to stand by the right in Syria, Libya, Azerbaijan.

For this purpose, we will not avoid any sacrifice, including putting our lives on the line if necessary. No coups, no economic traps, no political games, no hollow threats are enough.