Ankara, Turkey – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s blockade and its global suppliers out of all the hardships, in spite of counter-terrorism operations within its borders and outside the borders to conduct peace operations to be able to do easily, is owed to the progress in the defense industry, he said.

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the Presidential Defense Industry Presidency, a ceremony was held at the presidency with the participation of Vice President Fuat Oktay and the staff of the institution.

At the beginning of the program, the message sent by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the anniversary of its founding was read. Erdogan said in his message that efforts to develop the defense industry have always been cut off, directly or indirectly, saying: “When we came to the government, we went on this issue in the spirit of mobilization, because we saw that our external dependence on the defense industry has now reached a level that threatens our survival beyond our national security. Today, Turkey, despite all the challenges posed by global suppliers and the secret and open embargoes it has imposed, owes its ability to comfortably carry out counterterrorism operations within its borders, to carry out peace operations outside its borders, and to the progress it has achieved in the defense industry during this period. Especially in the last 5 – 6 years, continued and successfully completed studies have made a great contribution. As our heroic soldiers fight for their lives in the field, the greatest support we will give them will be to move our defense industry forward,” he said.

Erdogan, who noted that the defense industry has entered a period that needs to be more planned, more systematic and medium – long-term action, said: “This is why we have turned the Defense Industry Undersecretariat into the presidency and linked it directly to the presidency. I hope that we will reach our goals in the defense industry as soon as possible by further developing cooperation, harmony and sharing between our institutions under the Coordination of our presidency in the defense sector.”

Vice President Fuat Oktay, celebrating the age of 35, stated that the SSB is at the peak of its youth, and wished the president many years full of achievements and firsts with the domestic and national projects he has implemented. All phases from design to production of ideas and teamwork in the field of defence, noting that Oktay, “industries, universities, independent researchers with private and public institutions, in mutual interaction are indispensable elements of our national defense industry. Coordination among these actors contributing to the defense industry; it is vital to have fully independent defense technologies. Our presidential Defense Industry presidency has assumed this strategic responsibility for 35 years; it has raised the Turkish defense industry with its goals and structure that strengthens cooperation,” he said.

Oktay, especially in the last 18 years, President Erdogan’s National Technology Vision and leadership in the defense industry with the success of the move, pointed out and shared the following information: “we have always emphasized that there is a point in the field of Defense Industry; any products that we can manufacture on our own and not buying from outside – through our rates always move higher. Thanks to your efforts and efforts, we have made significant progress in the defense industry. While 70 percent of defense products are foreign-dependent, today this figure has fallen to below thirty percent. We will work tirelessly until the day when we become one hundred percent self-sufficient in all critical materials. Our number of national defense projects has increased from 62 to 700. In the last 5 years alone, 350 new projects have been started. And that success is all of us. Our number of companies operating in the sector has increased from 56 to 1500, and this success is all of us. In addition, there are 7 companies in the list of the world’s top 100 defense companies. The share and power of Turkish defense industry companies in the world market is increasing every day. Defense and aerospace exports, which were 248 million dollars in 2002, have exceeded three billion dollars as of 2019.”

Noting that this breakthrough in the domestic defense industry also contributes to the development of the economy, Oktay said: “We are among the 10 countries in the world that design, build and carry out their own warships in land and sea defense vehicles. Is that enough? No, our new target is aircraft carriers, and hopefully we will achieve that. In the production of UAV, SIHA and TIHA, we are in the first 3-4 countries in the world. Our national defense products, especially our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, have added strength to the strength of our heroic army in our cross-border operations such as peace Fountain, Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch with our successful terrorist operations in the country. In addition to meeting our own defense needs with national capabilities, we are in a position to meet the needs of friendly and allied countries. The most current example of this is our UAVs and Siha, which Azerbaijan uses in its rightful struggle for its territory in Nagorno-Karabakh,” he said.

Oktay stressed that Turkey supports the struggle of Azerbaijan to reclaim its territory from the occupying Armenia, and said: “We will continue to share all our defense opportunities with can Azerbaijan when Azerbaijan needs them. We said, ‘We will be on the side of the right, we will not leave justice,’ regardless of the price. As in the past, in this process, we again faced decommissioning and threats from the defense industry. We’ve said it before. I’m saying it again.; these embargoes and threats can serve no more than to make us even more determined to achieve our goal of a hundred percent domestic and fully independent defense industry in critical materials, and to further motivate the heroes of our defense industry,” he said.

Fuat Oktay, Akıncı and Bayraktar TB3’nin engine and imaging units in question some embargoes, immediately integrated into the production line of the domestic TEI engine said. “I’m talking about countries that dare to impose an embargo on us,” Oktay said, referring to the embargo statement on the camera system used in SIHA, which supports the struggle in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. They tried to threaten him with cameras, put an embargo on him. What we saw today was reflected in the press. Now we’re developing it, and we’re going to do the best in the world. They motivate us. There is no longer a turkey they can intimidate with embargoes. ALTAY on land, Dragon and PARS, MILGEM ships in the seas, GOKBEY in the air, AKINCI, AKSUNGUR and ANKA, Koral in the Sky Dome, Hisar and Korkut have a turkey that can provide national security with its national equipment. The defense industry ecosystem is rich, the infrastructure is solid and there is a dynamic Turkey,” he said.

Oktay Turkey is now not only the defence field, in the field of geographic information systems civil development, in combating forest fires, earthquakes, damage assessment in natural disasters such as fires and search and rescue efforts for data collection, processing designed and built systems and tools that allow expressed. Presidential system of government, thanks to the uncertainty of all the circumstances, including Turkey, and who adapt quickly to indicate that it is a location that quickly resolves problems again Oktay, “this is one of Turkey’s largest defense industries in the new system forces to promote activity within the presidency of the president. In the near future, Turkey will be one of the countries that has manned and unmanned combat aircraft, medium and long range air defense systems, unmanned ground defense vehicles with superior technologies and is leading from design to production. We believe in this wholeheartedly and work hard. We will bring new defense, concepts, systems and technologies that lead the world to our country through your efforts, not seeing enough of the point we have come to today,” he said.

Ismail Demir, head of the defense industry, said that where the defense industry, which has witnessed many turning points from the past to the present, came today, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is moving strongly towards the goal of full independence. Starting with the first threat to Cyprus peace operation of Turkey as a turning point, then the embargo with the ongoing process of a self-sufficient defense that are required to be pointed out once again revealed Iron, “with the leadership of our president and ownership, decision-making and faster and more powerful applications we have continued our work with our structure. The Turkish defense industry continues to grow steadily thanks to its strong infrastructure. We work not only for our own needs, but also for the needs of friendly and allied countries. The Turkish defense industry continues its work in the field of land, air, sea and space and cyberspace for the security of our country. Our defense industry has reached a certain level in the design, development and production of platform and weapon systems with its breakthrough in recent years. We are one of the world’s leading countries in some areas, developing competitive products in some areas. But we always say it. Our goal is complete independence in the defense industry. So whatever technology is critical and Strategic, we need to win it. We know we have a good walk, but we know we have to run,” he said.