Istanbul, Turkey – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks at the opening of the Turkey-Africa Economic Forum. Erdogan also addressed the Nagorno-Karabakh issue in his speech, saying: “the solution to this issue, which has almost turned into gangrene for 30 years due to Armenia’s uncompromising and spoiled attitude, is the end of the occupation. Proposals that legitimize the invasion no longer have a chance to be implemented on the ground. We see that Azerbaijan is also very committed to liberating its territory,” he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the opening session of the Turkey-Africa Economic and Business Forum with a live link from the Vahdettin Mansion.

In his speech, Erdogan congratulated the Trade Ministry, which organized this meeting, and wished that the business forum would be an occasion for good for the countries, Turkey-Africa Economic Cooperation.

Erdogan also thanked the African Union Secretariat and the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) for their support in the implementation of the program.

The hunger of humanity for a long time through a difficult and painful time, struggling with famine and instability, the world is now reminding you that you’re struggling with the Coronavirus outbreak, this outbreak, which has so far cost the lives of more than a million people, Erdogan, is one of the biggest health crises of the last century expressed.

President Erdogan, while the wounds caused by the 2008 crisis in the global economy have not yet been closed, the covid-19 epidemic has kept the whole world in New uncertainties, he continued his speech:

“We see that the epidemic, in which even developed countries are caught unprepared, weighs on our friends, especially on the African continent. Both due to deficiencies in health infrastructure and global trade and reduced human mobility, the continent is suffering very serious losses. At a time when Western developed countries were engaged in mask Wars, African peoples were unfortunately abandoned to their fate in the face of an epidemic. Kovid-19 disease showed distortions in the global system, further deepening the inequalities caused by the structure of the system. We are deeply saddened that around 1.5 million of our African friends have contracted this disease to date. As president of Turkey, on behalf of me and my nation, I express my condolences for our African brothers who died in the outbreak.”

“The fact that this trend continues steadily for 7 weeks is the biggest source of comfort for all of us,” Erdogan said, noting that current World Health Organization reports point to a decline in the number of cases and deaths across the continent. Such troubled periods are critical thresholds where friendships are also tested. In our culture, friendship and true friendship are described as follows; ‘a good friend is the one who comes when he is called on a good day and when he is not called on a bad day’ is said. We also came to the aid of our friends and brothers while meeting the needs of our citizens during the most painful period of the coronavirus epidemic. ” said.

“We have responded to the call for support of 154 different countries and 8 international organizations around the world without distinction of religion, language, race, color. Among the states where we support medical equipment and supplies are 46 African countries. We are proud to see the contribution of Turkish-made respirators, masks and jumpsuits to Africa’s fight against the virus. Turkey has been one of the most comfortable countries facing the epidemic with its robust health infrastructure, quality health services, beleaguering social security system and effective treatment protocols., “he said.

President Erdogan said that they have further strengthened the health system with 14 hospitals with 15 thousand 300 beds and 10 additional service buildings that they have put into service in the last 7 months, the star of the Turkish health sector is increasingly shining in terms of price and quality in terms of health tourism.

“We can further advance our cooperation in this area, which has many dimensions, such as investments, technical support, trade in medicines and medical supplies, health tourism,” Erdogan said, noting that thousands of people from African countries every year seek the cure of their diseases in Turkey and in Turkish hospitals. For this purpose, the Turkey Africa Health Partners platform can provide a comprehensive and permanent cooperation in the sector. We are ready to support any steps in this direction., “he said.

President Erdogan said that an agreement on the Prevention of double taxation with 13 countries in Africa and a Free Trade Agreement with 5 African countries were signed.

As a result of all these efforts, the trade volume with the African continent, which was 5.4 billion dollars in 2003, reached 26.2 billion dollars in 2019, Erdogan said:

“Our exports to the continent were only 2.1 billion dollars in 2003, while this figure exceeded 16.6 billion dollars as of 2019. We must not allow the negativity caused by the epidemic to diminish this momentum in our relationships. By the end of 2019, we should move our trade volume to $ 26.2 billion, over $ 50 billion in the next few years. Although we have achieved the greatest achievements of our history, we never consider our position sufficient. We are constantly fighting to get better, better, higher. Here I would like to express this fact again clearly and clearly. Turkey, which has millennia of ancient ties to the continent, is the fate partner of Africans. The essence of our relations with Africa is sincerity, brotherhood, solidarity. We never pursue short-term interests. We want to win together, to achieve together, to walk the road together. We do not approve of the desire to maintain old colonial habits with new methods. As a country that has no stain on colonialism in its history, we reject the arrogant, domineering view of the continent.”

President Erdogan stressed that Africa is a great teacher with thousands of years of experience, experience and wisdom that transcends time.

Erdogan, who expressed his belief that all humanity will learn from”Mama Africa”, continued:

“As Turkey, we also benefit from the savings of our African brothers while improving our relations with the continent. The 3rd Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit, which we will hold in Turkey next year, will provide us with an important opportunity in this process. On this occasion, we will be honored to welcome the esteemed leaders of African countries and the president of the Commission of the African Union in our country.”

Erdogan stressed that he also wants to address Armenia’s attacks on Azerbaijan:

“Due to Armenia’s attacks on Azerbaijan, hot conflicts are taking place in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Nagorno-Karabakh is an Azerbaijani territory occupied by Armenia for about 30 years. Despite the clear decisions and calls of the United Nations and the OSCE, Armenia has not withdrew from these territories. The Minsk Group has also so far shown no will to solve the problem. Because of Armenia’s uncompromising and spoiled behavior, the solution to this issue, which has almost turned into gangrene for 30 years, is the end of the occupation. Proposals that legitimize the invasion no longer have a chance to be implemented on the ground. We see that Azerbaijan is also very committed to liberating its territory. As Turkey, we wholeheartedly support Azerbaijan’s rightful struggle to reclaim its territory. We call on all countries that advocate justice and justice to support Azerbaijan. Our African friends, especially the Palestinian cause, have always given the strongest response to the occupation. I believe that you will take part in the liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh from occupation.”