Ankara, Turkey – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a video conference call with German Chancellor Merkel. Erdogan told Merkel that UN resolutions should be implemented to solve the problem of Azerbaijani territory under the occupation of Armenia. President Erdogan conveyed to German Chancellor Merkel that the opportunity that arose thanks to the calm provided in Libya on the ground should not be wasted.

Turkey-Germany and Turkey-EU relations were discussed at the meeting, and regional issues, especially the Azerbaijan-Armenia issue, were discussed with developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and Libya.

During the meeting, Erdogan noted that the declaration of the European Union leaders ‘ summit lacks elements that will allow to overcome problems in relations and lay the groundwork for dialogue and cooperation.

Noting that despite Turkey’s bona fide stance, the EU has bowed to the pressure and blackmail of Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration, President Erdogan stressed that Europe’s great interests should not be sacrificed to the small interests of several union members.

President Erdogan said that in order to permanently solve the problem of Azerbaijan’s territory under the occupation of Armenia, UN resolutions must be implemented and the need for international law must be fulfilled.

Hakan Fidan, head of the National Intelligence Agency, Metin Kiratli, head of Administrative Affairs, Fahrettin Altun, head of Communications, and Ibrahim Kalin, Presidential Spokesman, were also present during President Erdogan’s video conference call with German Chancellor Merkel.