Ankara, Turkey – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a speech accompanied by demonstrations of love in Malatya. President Erdogan made very important statements on the agenda in Malatya.

Dear brothers and sisters, Turkey’s struggle for democracy means many things. On the one hand, the so-called populism, despite the people, on the other hand, the understanding that looks in the same direction as our nation. A structure that looks at its nation with a Jacobean look with coups, outside support.

The head of France (Macron). He’s confused, he’s lying down, he’s getting up Erdogan. Or you look at yourself first. I said it yesterday. This is a case. It has to go through a check. And there’s a manuscript of a deputy (Geert Wilders) in the Netherlands. He’s up and doing something about us. Either for once, know your place. Have you ever calculated with whom you are walking the road? Fascism is not in our book. It’s in your book.. You’ll know your limits.

Fascism and Nazism are not in our book, in our values. They you are you! Our land is full of the oppressed that we shelter and feed. You have an ear and not hear, You have eyes and you can’t see. You have a mouth and cannot speak the truth. You are a fascist.

Neither fascism nor Nazism is in our book, in our values. They are you! Our land is full of the oppressed that we shelter and feed. You have an ear and not hear. You have an eye and cannot see. You have a mouth and cannot speak the truth. You are a fascist.

My brothers and sisters, we took care of all 4 million people in Syria. We are now building briquette houses there. We put our homeless brothers and sisters there. They promised us. That we will also support. Then they brought water from 50 streams. We said that with our NGOs we continue on this path. And we said we would build these houses too. I would like to thank all our NGOs who worked there. While we were waiting for our thanks from the West, we encountered efforts to create a terror corridor near our borders. Here is the east of the Euphrates. In Libya, we encountered support for the coup plotters and invaders against the legitimate administration of the country.

But no! We are in Libya at the invitation of our brothers there. We are there in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian people. We do not necessarily wait for the invitation of the cruel Asad on this issue. We do not get permission to be with the oppressed.

We are accused of being with our Azerbaijani brothers. Some Americans are looking for our brother Ilham Aliyev. We know who is with you. So, there is Turkey! If appropriate, we will also impose sanctions on them. Either you don’t know who you’re dancing with. Whatever your sanction, do not be late! You did not give the F-35s, you did not give the Patriots, you said send the S400s back to Russia. We are not a tribal state, we are Turkey!

The fire of persecution will die out, the power of the tyrant will be exhausted. Turkey’s do not give the slightest concession in conducting the regional struggle.

French President Emmanuel Macron, at the funeral of Samuel Paty, who was killed in Paris, expressed that they will not give up cartoons that insult Muhammad. After these statements of Macron, Hz. Cartoons insulting Muhammad were shown in government buildings. Geert Wilders is known for its hostility to Islam and Turkey share his Twitter account, giving the place a cartoon of President Erdogan’s ‘terrorist’ he wrote.