Nicosia, Cyprus – According to the latest news, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a speech on the 37th anniversary of the founding of the TRNC. ‘As a guarantor country, we and the TRNC have no longer tolerate diplomatic games,’ Erdogan said.

“It is not possible to restore the partnership in Cyprus together with the Greeks, which was broken at gunpoint in 1963 and completely disappeared by the coup organized by the Greek junta in 1974.” said.

President Erdogan attended a parade on Dr Fazil Küçük Boulevard in Nicosia on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Erdogan, who began his speech here by greeting citizens, said that Suleyman Uluçamgil, the martyr poet of Cyprus, “sends a letter that I love, maybe from Ankara, maybe from Bursa, maybe from Izmir, from Agri-Meriç, from the hometown of Gönül,” quoting the lines, “we also brought you greetings today from your hometown of Gönül from Turkey. On this day of your pride, we brought the love and enthusiasm of your 83 million Brothers in the motherland here., “he said.

“The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the second independent state of the Turkish nation after the Republic of Turkey, is a source of pride for all of us. Looking from Anatolia to the horizon in the Mediterranean, from here to Anatolia, our Moon-Star flags waving Nazli Nazli show the point where our national cause has reached. the phrase ” used.

“Despite numerous attacks on their assets, the Turkish Cypriots live with their heads up, honorably and freely on their territory. Our Turkish Cypriot brothers look to their future with greater hope and confidence. Of course, we did not come easily today, we achieved every success in this land by paying heavy prices as a result of hard struggles. We have won our independence by giving many young sons, such as the poet Suleyman Uluçamgil, and many heroes, such as Captain Genghis Topel, martyrs. Despite all the cruelty, torture, betrayal, we never dropped our banner of struggle. Thanks to the epic struggles of our mujahideen and Mehmet, we have achieved victory.”he made his assessment.

Leader of the Turkish Cypriot struggle for freedom Fazıl Küçük and founding president Rauf Denktaş, especially the Turkish Cypriot people who worked in the apocalypse of all who wished Allah’s Mercy President Erdogan, ” the sky of Cyprus ezeless, Crescent sad, the motherland fell to the ground to not leave the Holy Martyrs thankfully, mercy I remember. As so far, from now on, we will celebrate their souls by claiming their blessed heritage. I hope that we will build a peaceful future together, without forgetting the past, never forgetting the suffering we have suffered for independence.”

Erdogan pointed out that Cyprus is an ancient geography that has maintained its charm in every period of history and adorned the dreams of every society, and continued his words:

“Cyprus, which bears the seal of our civilization for 1400 years and of the Ottoman Empire for 450 years, has unfortunately experienced a turbulent process in which uncertainty prevails for the last 1.5 centuries. After the increasing massacres and attacks of the Greeks, the political problems related to Cyprus, which was de facto stabilized by the 1974 Peace Operation, still remain. It is our priority to reach a just, permanent, sustainable solution to the Cyprus issue in a way that ensures the legitimate rights and security of the Turkish Cypriot people. As the Turkish side, we have put forward a very strong will in this direction from the very beginning, presented constructive ideas, made good faith efforts, but only the efforts of one side are not enough to unlock the solution.

In 2004, the Turkish Cypriot said ‘yes’ to the Annan Plan in order to integrate with the world for the sake of peace and democracy for a solution. The Greek Cypriot side, on the other hand, refused to establish a common future with the Turkish Cypriot community as a result of the ‘No’ campaign carried out by its leaders, who accepted the plan at the table. In 2017, in Switzerland, the Greek side again ran away from the table, saying’ I don’t share political power, prosperity, even hospitals, let alone Turkish Cypriots’. In Bürgenstock, both Kofi Annan and those who participated here, those who participated from Greece, we all sat at the table and talked, but as a result of all these negotiations, unfortunately, when it came to the referendum, everything changed.”

Recalling that the TRNC said “yes” and the South said “no” in the referendum, Erdogan said: “all these are facts, but has the European Union fulfilled its promises despite these steps? No. They also did not live up to their promises. They did not give Northern Cyprus the support they should have given at the administrative and financial point. As they lied that day, unfortunately, they are lying today. Especially as a result of the negotiations that have lasted for the last 50 years, we now know the following fact very well; It is impossible to restore the partnership in Cyprus together with the Greeks, which was broken at gunpoint in 1963 and completely disappeared in 1974 by a coup organized by the Greek junta.”he made his assessment.

President Erdogan,” yesterday’s sun and today’s clothes will not be dried ” recalling the promise, he said:

“Today, Cyprus has two separate peoples, two separate Democratic orders and two separate states. As president Mr. Tatar noted, a two-state solution on the basis of sovereign equality needs to be discussed and negotiated. In fact, the will of the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus also manifested in this direction in the last elections. The Greeks do not want to share power and prosperity equally with the island’s co-owner, the Turkish Cypriots, and make it clear. This is why they constantly avoid sitting at the table with the Turkish Cypriots on hydrocarbon resources.

As a guarantor country, we no longer tolerate these Diploma games of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. I also have to say very clearly, if he thinks that he will transfer power to Southern Cyprus with those who live in Northern Cyprus and complain about their president to the so-called rulers at the head of Southern Cyprus, he should know that he is deceived and deceived. Yes, if these so-called rags, unfortunately, get up and complain to the so-called President of Southern Cyprus, where does the fate of this lead, my dear brothers and sisters know it very well.”

Ceremony at Atatürk Monument in TRNC! Erdogan and Tatar sign Private Notebook

President Erdogan, the 37th president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). on the anniversary of the foundation, Dr. In his speech at the parade on Fazıl Küçük Boulevard, he congratulated TRNC president Ersin Tatar and the TRNC government on behalf of the person and the nation for their brave decision to open Maraş, which has been closed for 46 years.

Erdogan, who stated that Marash will soon come to life again, will be free from being a symbol of lack of resolution, said that those who are uncomfortable with this step are making literature of victimization.

“The aim of the step taken in Marash is not to create new grievances, but rather to ensure the elimination of existing grievances. As a result of the work that will be carried out in accordance with property rights, a new era will begin in Marash, which will benefit everyone. I hope that we will achieve this goal together., “he said.

For years, Erdogan said, energy sources in the Eastern Mediterranean have stressed that there should be an opportunity for cooperation.

Erdogan, recalling that they argued that the Mediterranean should become a basin of peace, peace and cooperation again, as it was during the reign of ekdad, continued his words:

“But our well-intentioned efforts have not paid off. European countries, in particular, did not take advantage of diplomatic opportunities, but succumbed to The Spoils of Greece and Cyprus. According to the caliphate of promises, the Greek side, which became a member of the European Union before the Cyprus issue was resolved, ignored the Turkish Cypriots and signed agreements with Egypt in 2003, Lebanon in 2007, and Israel in 2010 to determine maritime jurisdiction. Not content with this, they identified so-called license sites and opened international tenders in 2007. They conducted the first drilling in 2011. Unfortunately, the warnings made by Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots in this process were ignored by the international community. We’re saying the same thing we said that day. In the eastern Mediterranean, no equation in which our country and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus do not participate fairly can produce peace and stability.”

Erdogan said they were determined to protect rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, and what happened during the period they left behind was a sign of their strong will on this issue.

Erdogan noted that the solution of disputes through dialogue, on the basis of international law and in accordance with Justice is among his priority preferences.:

“We do not touch anyone’s rights or laws. We’re just trying to stop the Greek-Greek duo from usurping our rights. We believe that the solution to the problem does not come from further escalating tensions, but from the negotiating table. Diplomacy and negotiation are the shortest way to bring us to the common denominator. Our proposal for the Eastern Mediterranean Conference, in which the Turkish Cypriots will also participate, is a sincere statement of our will. Our desire is that the EU does not leave the hand we have extended in the air, but abstains from steps that will complicate the solution in the name of European solidarity.”

President Erdogan said that the 405 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves discovered in the Black Sea have further strengthened their will to convert energy into an opportunity for cooperation.

“We will continue our seismic research and drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean with determination until a fair agreement is reached. the phrase ” used.

Erdogan said that they will continue to implement large-scale projects that will further strengthen the TRNC:

“We solved the problem of drinking, using and irrigation water of the island by opening the TRNC Water Supply Project in 2015. We completed the failure of the pipeline with domestic facilities to the extent permitted by weather conditions. With the opening of agricultural irrigation lines, a total of 71 thousand 540 decars of land can be irrigated, thus increasing the income of about 127 million pounds in the economy of Northern Cyprus. We are also closely following the ongoing work in the agricultural irrigation part of the water supply project. Now, we also continue our work to bring electricity with one, again natural gas work under the sea, two again with cables under the sea. We will never leave our Northern Cyprus alone, we will not leave it without support.”

Erdogan, Vice President Fuat Oktay’ın efforts from agriculture to tourism, small shopkeepers to social assistance in different areas including financing support 2.3 billion pounds of financial cooperation agreement was reminded.

Erdogan, who stressed that they provided 149 million pounds in kind and cash support to the TRNC for the work to combat Kovid-19, stressed that today they will open an emergency hospital built in a very short time.

Erdogan, who said that the Ministry of Education gradually opened the EBA application to the use of students in the TRNC, recalled that they implemented 18 industrial infrastructure projects with a cooperation model called “ARMA” in short.

Erdogan, who stated that they have transferred 162 million pounds to infrastructure projects of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus this year, said: “we continue our efforts to build a sustainable economic structure. Despite the challenges ahead, we have the opportunity and the will to further improve the quality of life of the Turkish Cypriot people.” said.

37th anniversary statement from TRNC President Ersin Tatar

He also met with Tatar for the construction of the presidential office, Erdogan said:

“I also told Mr. Tatar. Let’s build the presidential office there quickly by providing 5 acres of land in a convenient place and thus move the presidential office there. Because such authorities, as you know, also change the view of different countries. Turkey, the motherland and guarantor, will be on the side of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Turkish people of Cyprus. We will work hard to establish a strong and prosperous common future with the Turkish Cypriots, who we see as part of our own life. Here you have seen, followed the developments in Azerbaijan, and finally praise Azerbaijan, can Azerbaijan, which has been in the occupation of Armenia for 28 years, saved its territory from their occupation in 44 days, and now they are slowly starting to return to their territory.

From here, we send greetings to my Azerbaijani brothers and sisters from Northern Cyprus. I hope that by making a visit to Azerbaijan as soon as possible, our president will make this step in a much different situation. As long as we are one heart, one wrist, there are no difficulties that we cannot overcome by the permission of Allah, and no obstacles that we cannot overcome. I wish Allah’s mercy to our cherished martyrs who have brought the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to these days, and I thank our heroic Mujahideen and veterans. I ask my Lord to celebrate many more anniversaries together. Happy Republic Day.”

TRNC citizens showed love when President Erdogan arrived at the ceremonial site. Erdogan entered the ceremonial area, greeting the crowd gathered here.

After his speech, Erdogan followed a military parade with demonstrations of mehter’s team and folk games.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu, National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez, Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli, environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurumu, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, AK Party Izmir MP Binali Yildirim also attended the ceremony.