Yerevan, Armenia – In Armenia, which was defeated by the Azerbaijani army, women are also preparing to take up arms. Details on the matter began to emerge. Anna Hakobyan, wife of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, said that together with 13 women, they will form “women’s troops” and begin training.

In Armenia, which suffered heavy losses in an operation launched by the Azerbaijani army to liberate its occupied territories and cooperated with the separatist terrorist organization PKK, news that women would also be taken under Arms was reported in the press.

Anna Hakobyan, wife of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who gave details on the issue, said: “together with 13 women, we are creating ‘women’s troops’ and starting training…

And then we’ll go to the front…We cannot surrender our homeland to the enemy,” she said.

On the other hand, the Italian-language Eurasianews news portal recently claimed that Pashinyan’s wife, Anna Hakobyan, was “preparing Armenian women to attack Azerbaijani civilians.”

It is not yet known on which fronts the Armenian women under arms will fight.

But taking women under arms once again showed the depression that Armenia has fallen into.

Armenian women participate in 1-week combat preparedness training at Initiative of Armenian prime minister’s wife.

At the initiative and participation of Armenian prime minister’s spouse Anna Hakobyan, training was held in one of the military units of Nagorno – Karabakh from August 25 to 31, involving 15 Armenian women of various age groups and professions. The training aimed at getting acquainted with the military service life and acquiring military skills, Mrs. Hakobyan’s Office told Armenpress.

During the seven-day training the participating women completely lived a military life, wore a uniform and stayed in the military unit. They underwent professional, physical, combat preparedness and first medical aid trainings. They also got acquainted with the main parts and mechanisms of Kalashnikov rifle, cameras, their role and significance, etc.

On the last day of the training the participants passed a shooting preparedness test.

During the training the women also visited the frontline.

The training took place within the frames of the Women For Peace campaign.