Yerevan, Armenia – Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan began to experience serious problems within the country. The advance of the Azerbaijani army shook the public’s confidence, and Pashinyan, who wanted a boycott of Turkish goods, refused.

Snow also fell on the mountains that Pashinyan trusted. Russia’s leader Putin, who had been waiting for support, not only turned his back on him, but sent a birthday message to former President Robert Kocharian.

The ‘latest Situation Assessment Report’, which came to Turkey on the developments in Armenia, revealed that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is starting to experience serious problems.

It was underlined that Pashinyan had significantly lost credibility and credibility within the country. Here are some details from the report:

“Pashinyan, who was thoroughly cornered, told the internal public, ‘the Turks cut us off 100 years ago. Now Turks want to cut us’ ‘ he began propaganda, but no one takes him seriously inside. Pashinyan’s failure to get the support he expects in the outside world has caused consternation in Armenia.

As Pashinyan, who at first appeared to be a moderate, but after a while began to put all his political opponents in jail, became politically and economically cornered, he began to target Azerbaijan. Russia’s efforts to step in 4 days after the clashes began are remarkable. Russia also does not take kindly to Pashinyan. It was obvious that Pashinyan sent a birthday message to former President Robert Kocharian, whom he had imprisoned and then released on bail. This attitude of Russia caused discomfort in the Armenian administration.

Organic ties between the Armenian administration and the terrorist organization PKK have increased recently. One by one, it has been determined and recorded who the so-called leaders of the PKK who were brought to Nagorno-Karabakh met with the Armenian administration.”

A boycott of Turkish goods was called by the Armenian administration. Some major supermarket chains have decided to comply with the boycott campaign announced the previous day and have emptied Turkish goods from their shelves. About 60 thousand entrepreneurs in Armenia, large and small, opposed the proposal. Almost all light industrial products are brought from Turkey, the operators said, worried that the boycott of Turkish goods will be a blow to the economy. Armenian Chamber of Commerce President Vagram Mirakyan, who made a statement on the issue, stressed that the idea of a boycott of Turkish goods cannot be realized overnight, “there are 80 thousand large and small private entrepreneurs in our country. 60 thousand of them usually work with Turkish raw materials and ready-made products. If we say that we will boycott all Turkish goods overnight, these 60 thousand entrepreneurs will be unemployed, ” he said.

“The demonstrations of love that began in the park where the Statue of Atatürk was located in Baku during the TurAz Eagle exercise conducted by the TAF and the Azerbaijani Armed Forces together continue incessantly. Every day, hundreds of people gather to show love for Turkey.”

Almost every day in Turkey, there are demonstrations of support for Azerbaijan. Yesterday, citizens who took their children in Samsun demonstrated with Azerbaijani flags. In Sariyer, Istanbul, the name of Ayazaga Cendere Street was changed to Azerbaijan Street by the joint decision of Sariyer City Council and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council.