President Erdoğan’s tough response to Greece: not the smallest step back

Ankara, Turkey –  After a critical cabinet meeting today, President Erdoğan addressed what happened in the Eastern Mediterranean and delivered flash messages.

Recalling that the announcement, called NAVTEX, on seismic research carried out by Oruç Reis, was extended until August 27, President Erdoğan said, “Is it a point or a comma? I’ll just put a comma in here. Because that’s what comes next. In response to these activities carried out by Turkey in accordance with International Maritime Organization rules, Greece has issued its own NAVTEX message in an unauthorized and spoiled manner.

First of all, Greece does not have the right to declare such a NAVTEX in the region. This statement is a spoilage that endangers the coastal and navigational safety of all ships in the region.

With this attitude in international law, contrary to good will and neighborly relations, Greece has thrown itself into chaos from which it cannot emerge. From now on, Greece will be the sole beneficiary of every negative situation in the region, and this country will be the only one to suffer. Those who throw Greece in front of the Turkish Navy will never appear in the middle of a trouble tomorrow, as well as our Greek neighbors know that I would consider it useful.

Turkey will not take the slightest step back from the activities of neither our Oruç Reis ship nor our naval elements accompanying it. On the contrary, Turkey will act much more decisively in protecting its rights and law in this region. They will think about it from now on and bear the consequences, which will come across in the region we have declared NAVTEX.” said.