Ankara, Turkey – Experts who evaluated the return of Oruç Reis, the leading player of Turkey’s rightful struggle in the Eastern Mediterranean, to Antalya port due to the end of the NAVTEX period, stressed that Turkey did not throw back.

Turkey’s work in the Eastern Mediterranean with the Oruç Reis Seismic Research Ship, which announced Navtex on August 10, had troubled many sheriffs, especially Greece and France. Ignoring Turkey’s calls for “equal sharing and peace”, Greece accused Turkey of increasing tensions and took many provocative actions in the region. Finally, after the end of the Navtex period, Oruç Reis returned to the Port of Antalya as part of the negotiations that began with NATO.

This move has opened the way for the table
The return of Oruç Reis to Antalya is part of the crisis policy pursued by Turkey in the region. Turkey has not set aside its rights in the Eastern Mediterranean. This move has paved the way for the negotiating table. It is a step against France and Greece, which declare Turkey as a country that is escalating tensions. Of course, in the background, Israel’s claims and game have been wasted. This move is a chance for diplomacy to once again be recognized. If our interlocutors cannot evaluate this chance, then the identity of the aggressive and war-seeking side will become clearer, and Turkey’s hand will become stronger. If Turkey had not demonstrated its deterrent power and determination, neither NATO nor the EU would have taken into account Turkey’s theses and interests and maintained its unilateral policies.

Oruç Reis may return
Oruç Reis was not towed to the port because someone wanted it. It returned to port as its term ended. Turkey was put under a lot of pressure, but never backed down. NATO’s involvement does not mean that Turkey will take a step back, Within the framework of the negotiations that have started, Turkey is trying to show that it is a peaceful country. But this does not mean that Turkey is withdrawing. If the negotiations end in negativity, Oruç Reis will continue his mission,