Yerevan, Armenia – According to Armenian media reports, several names have escaped, including Vice President Rudik Martirosyan, the First Deputy Minister of Labour and Housing and the Deputy Minister of Urban Development. Those who fled to Armenia were prosecuted. A similar situation occurred at the front. The commander of the Motorized Infantry Regiment escaped, leaving his soldiers.

As the Azerbaijani army continued to advance, the pirate state in Karabakh reached the point of disintegration. The top rulers of the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh Republic were dismissed for desertion.

According to Armenian media, among those who escaped are so-called Vice President Rudik Martirosyan, Deputy General Prosecutor Eric Verdiyan and Statistical Council member Armen Soghomonyan, Central Election Commission member Sasun Gabrielyan, First Deputy Minister of Labour and Housing Arkady Soghomonyan and Deputy Minister of Urban Development Davit Avanesyan. Many of the soldiers were also on the run. Criminal cases were opened against these names who fled to Armenia.

Similar desertions occurred on the front line. The commander of the 2nd Motorized Infantry Regiment of the Armenians, who participated in the clashes in the direction of Khojavend, also escaped, leaving his soldiers. The vast majority of the soldiers in the regiment were destroyed by the Azerbaijani army.

On the other hand, PKK terrorists who moved from Syria and Iraq to Karabakh continue to be hit. The military vehicle with PKK terrorists was shot down in Shusha, where clashes continued the night before. In addition to the Armenian soldiers, 6 YPG terrorists were destroyed in the car. Thus, the number of YPG terrorists killed since the beginning of the war in Karabakh reached 16. Firat Piran, one of the leaders of the YPG, a branch of the terrorist organization PKK in Syria, was killed in Karabakh before.

The Azerbaijani army continues to deal heavy blows to Armenia. During the night in different directions of the front, it was reported that it inflicted casualties on Armenian forces, who opened fire on Azerbaijani soldiers and settlements. In a statement, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said that the clashes continued mainly in the Terter, Agdam, Khojavend, Zangilan and Gubadli aspects of the front.

In the last 24 hours, 2 T-72 tanks belonging to the Armenian army, 3 D-30 howitzers, 1 Zastava m-55 anti-aircraft, 1 tactical UAV and 3 trucks were destroyed in different parts of the front, and a large number of military personnel were neutralized. Armenian forces were forced to withdraw, losing personnel and military equipment in some areas of the front. It was emphasized that the front was under the control of the Azerbaijani army.