Baku, Azerbaijan – The advance of Azerbaijani forces, which defeated the Armenian army, continues. Around Gabriel, close to the entire Armenian battalion was neutralized. Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry announced that ballistic missiles were fired from Armenian territory into Azerbaijan in the morning

The operation launched by the Azerbaijani army to liberate Karabakh under the occupation of Armenia continues.

In a statement, the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan said that 3 missiles were launched by Armenia in Siyezen province around 07: 00 local time today, 2 in Gebele province, and 1 in Kurdemir province.

During the night, operations continued with varying intensity in the Agdere, Agdam, Fuzuli, Gabriel, Zangilan and Gubadli directions of the front line, and Armenian soldiers retreated in the direction of Gubadli, losing some important hills and positions.

On the other hand, in the direction of Khojavand belonging to the Artillery Regiment of the Armenian army from the 155th D-among the personnel of the battery 20 and the vehicle was injured and the roads being closed due to the lack of numerous the wounded could not be evacuated, the volunteers abandoned their positions in the north of new Hadrut incoming artillery firing and fled in the direction of agdere in the Azerbaijani army Armenian soldiers of the Artillery Regiment 5th destroyer it is stated that the result is that many are disarmed.

It was also noted that the commander of the 3rd Battalion of the 5th Regiment was lost, the chief of staff was killed, and there were significant casualties among the Armenian forces as a result of the destruction of the underground bunker.