Ankara, Turkey – Turkey has issued an information note to Airmen (NOTAM) and a navigational announcement for sailors (NAVTEX), stating that it will launch missiles off Sinop and Ordu in the Black Sea.

Turkey, which publishes a large number of NAVTEX in the Mediterranean, issued an information note (NOTAM) for airmen and a cruise announcement (NAVTEX) for sailors on the grounds that missile launches will also be conducted in the Black Sea.

NOTAM, on the website of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), affiliated with the United Nations, said: “a missile will be fired.”

October 14 October to October 17 is stated to be the date announced in the NOTAM in question. It was informed that NOTAM covered the coordinates set on the Black Sea between Sinop and the Unye District of Ordu

According to this, altitude limitation was specified as 200 thousand feet in Sinop airspace. This means that airspace up to 200 thousand feet above sea level is closed to flights.