Nicosia, Cyprus – Last Sunday October 18, 2020, Ersin Tatar won the second round of presidential elections in the TRNC. Tatar will serve as president for five years. This change in the presidency will also bring about a change in Cyprus policy.

In recent years, the Eastern Mediterranean has gained great importance due to both its natural resources and its strategic location.

In fact, there is a great war in the Eastern Mediterranean region in which imperialist powers (Britain, France, US, EU, Russia) also actively participate. One side of this war is Economic, the other is strategic in Blue Homeland.

The Syrian problem is within the scope of the Eastern Mediterranean. The PKK/PYD, created in the northeastern region of Syria with the financial, logistical and technical support of the United States, aimed to open up to the Eastern Mediterranean through a corridor.

Russia’s naval base in Syria has Coastal status with the Eastern Mediterranean.

Natural gas and oil deposits declared by the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA )are also located in this region. Southern Greece claims the Eastern Mediterranean from miles away.

Greece, Israel, Egypt, France and the United States come together and form partnerships to share Natural Resources in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The United States, Russia, the EU, France, Italy and Germany are working hard for their interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The island of Cyprus is located right in the middle of this complex Eastern Mediterranean.

The United States, Britain and France have military bases on the territory dominated by the Greek Cypriot Administration.

Turkey, which borders such a complex but vital region, needs to get rid of loneliness. In that region, Turkey has Economic, Strategic and Defense Priorities. For all these reasons, last Sunday’s election in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was extremely important.

Elections in Cyprus have undoubtedly turned into a referendum. Akinci’s political background is known. According to him, ” the Turkish Cypriots should agree with the Greek Cypriots in civilized conditions, and Cyprus should be governed under the umbrella of a federation. The Turkish segment must sacrifice land for reconciliation.”

This view, represented by the Akinci, was not successful. Because the Greek Cypriot Administration wanted more on the table. He wanted both more land and superiority in the management of the island.

“After half a century of negotiations, no results have been obtained, and there is no hope in this regard. The Turkish Cypriots must now take care of their own destiny and find their own way,” he said.

With the election of Tatar, the federal solution option, which has been discussed for years, has fallen off the agenda.

The loss of Akinci is not only a rasp of the Federation thesis, but also of the EU’s struggle for effectiveness in Cyprus. ”Yes, my mother ” is a loss of power.

The Cyprus elections have become part of Turkey’s regional and especially Eastern Mediterranean strategy. As important as the security and economic well-being of the Turkish Cypriots is for Turkey, the geopolitical and strategic position of the island is especially important these days. Turkey aims to establish a naval base in Cyprus due to the turmoil in the Eastern Mediterranean. For all these reasons, Tatar’s victory in the elections has relieved Turkey.

The Eastern Mediterranean region is strategically at the center of world inter-bloc conflicts. It is understood his position will last at least another 25 years.

The election results have once again taken Cyprus to the top strategic level. The results have strengthened the idea that the region should be strong, and the parties in Cyprus that advocate this view.

Cyprus, which is at the center of the Eastern Mediterranean problem, has become even more important. Instead of bilateral negotiations that have not concluded, the Eastern Mediterranean peace initiatives will now open up to a wider range. Ways to reach a solution will be tried with the participation of both community leaders in the United States, Britain, Russia, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. The location of the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey is more comfortable than before.