Ankara, Turkey – Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean are heating up. For the purpose of shooting training, Greece has released two new Navtex covering a wide area in Turkey’s area of responsibility. In addition, Turkey also published these ads again, stating that the announced sites are in the area of responsibility of the Antalya Navtex station.

Provocative steps by the Athens administration continue in the eastern Mediterranean tension between Turkey and Greece. Although Turkey calls for dialogue and common sense, EU leaders resort to threats of sanctions and Greece to provocative initiatives.

Greece has recently declared two Navtex in the Eastern Mediterranean region, which is Turkey’s area of responsibility. After this provocation, Turkey released Navtex again for these areas that are in its area of responsibility.

Antalya Navtex station announced that an announcement was issued by an unauthorized station regarding an area within the Turkish Navtex service area, and this announcement was reissued by the authorized Antalya Navtex station.

In the announcement, it was stated that shooting training will be held on October 6 and 8 at specified sites in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Navtex announcements between Turkey and Greece have been marked by the Lausanne Treaty in recent weeks. Turkey first recalled the agreement with Greece, which armed Chios, the same step was repeated for the island of Lemnos.

In the second Lausanne message, the following statements were used:

“The informal military status of the island of Lemnos, established by the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923, has been violated.”