Ankara, Turkey – “Greece should respond positively to our calls for talks, rather than make a statement in every Navtex announcement,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy said of the Greek Foreign Ministry’s statement on Turkey’s seismic research activities in the Eastern Mediterranean,” the phrase used.

Spokesman Aksoy said that the Greek Foreign Ministry issued another statement today, reiterating the known claims and objections of Oruc Reis regarding seismic research activities carried out on the Turkish continental shelf.

Aksoy, these claims and objections, the Turkish Ministry of foreign affairs, since last July 2020 6 statement answered by stating, “Turkey, in the Eastern Mediterranean will continue to resolutely protect the rights of itself and the Turkish Cypriots. Instead of making statements in every Navtex announcement, Greece should respond positively to our calls for talks,” the phrase used.

Greece calls upon Turkey to revoke Navtex

Greece’s Foreign Ministry has urged Turkey to revoke Navtex extending the activities of its Oruc Reis research vessel in the Eastern Mediterranean through November 29 2020.

Turkish Navtex had reserved an area overlapping Turkey’s continental shelf in regard of the international law of the sea.

Greece’s moves undermine peace, security and stability in the region.

Greece was once again disregarding calls by Turkey to refrain from provocative actions that fuel tensions in the region.

Earlier Saturday, Greece went on to issue a counter-Navtex in response to Turkey’s maritime advisory.

The Oruc Reis had been expected to finish its work by November 23 2020.