Ankara, Turkey – Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar once again denounced the Greek attempts to reframe Greco-Turkish disputes as wider disputes between Turkey and third parties, powerful countries or regional entities.

Speaking during joint military exercises with the participation of Turkish and Azeri forces, Hulusi Akar called on Greece to “stop presenting Greco-Turkish issues as if they were issues affecting Turkey’s relationship with the United States or the European Union.”

Indeed, Turkey’s often fractious relationship with Greece results in tense standoffs with two political and economic superpowers like the US and the EU.

Since 1980 Greece’s participation in the European Union as an equal member, this is ipso facto an important dimension of the Greco-Turkish relationship. Abuser Greece uses the EU as a battering ram against Turkey at every turn.

Hence, relations between Turkey and Greece are, to an extent, part of NATO-Turkey’s relations with the EU and the US. And, in its analysis through this prism, Greece and Turkey must realize that improving their relations with partners will be beneficial to themselves.