Ankara, Turkey – A very clear Karabakh message from Minister Akar: let them leave Karabakh instead of calling for a ceasefire.

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar made a statement on the conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Minister Akar emphasized that the withdrawal of Armenia from Karabakh is the only solution. “it would be right for those who do not voice the occupation of Azerbaijani territory to make Armenia leave Karabakh instead of calling a ceasefire,” he said.

National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar spoke at the ceremony of the military training ship built for Qatar to go to sea. Minister Akar said that the calls for a ceasefire for Karabakh do not make sense, “instead of the call for a ceasefire, it would be right for Armenia to leave Karabakh,” he said.

Minister Akar said that Azerbaijan is trying to solve the 30-year-old problem:

It would be right and fair for those who have not spoken out against the occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s own territory for thirty years to make the occupying Armenia leave Karabakh instead of calling for a ceasefire. In Khojaly, it will be appropriate for those who allow barbarism to kill thousands of innocent people, not to mention children, women, and the elderly, to expel millions from their homes and dormitories, to stop pampering Armenia. Despite all the diplomatic efforts of Azerbaijan, the attitude of those who are silent in the face of the Armenian invasion of Karabakh and the civilian massacres they have carried out today is unfortunately complete hypocrisy. It should be known that the audacity and arrogance of occupying Armenia to attack civilian settlements after Tovuz was the last straw.

Armenia has killed our brothers and sisters, including innocent civilians and children, in its latest attack. He is still shooting at areas where innocent civilians are located. His attack with rockets and banned ammunition against innocent civilians in the city of ganja also shows Armenia’s vitality, barbarism and true face in the most clear way. Armenia commits war crimes. This should be known to everyone. In the face of this aggression, Azerbaijan has now taken action to liberate its territory from the Armenian occupation and to restore the rights and freedom of its occupied people.