Ankara, Turkey – General Manager of Turkish Aerospace Industry Tusas Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil, Turkey’s eagerly awaited National Combat Aircraft 2 years after the hangar will come out, he said.

Turkish Aerospace Industry TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil, told Turkey’s National Combat Aircraft waiting impatiently after 2 years will emerge from the hangar.

Turkish Aerospace Industry TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil made important statements.

“Will leave the hangar in 2023”
Explaining that they are planning to take the National Fighter Aircraft out of the hangar on March 18, 2023, Kotil noted that they will make the delivery in 2025 and the certification work will take 3 years.

Prof. Dr. Kotil gave the date 2029 for the National Combat Aircraft to commence duty.

When the project is completed, which produces Turkey’s 5th generation fighter aircraft, this technology has the infrastructure and would draw attention to the 4th country. Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “When this plane is finished, we will have 6000 engineers with experience in designing a warplane in our country. We have foreign engineers though, but they are few in number. These engineers will form the infrastructure for our future projects ”.

Prof. Dr. Kotil, the National Combat Aircraft project drew attention to Turkey to make a leap in terms of technology, “Manufacturing, design, mechanical testing, including 13 sector will be world class,” he predicts.

“ATAK-2 will be completely domestic and national”
Prof. Dr. Kotil noted that the Atak 2 helicopter will be completely domestic and national, unlike the first Atak helicopter, and that they will produce the most advanced helicopter after the Americans and the Russians.

Noting that the gear box, gun and engine of the Atak attack, tactical reconnaissance helicopter in the inventory of the TAF came from Italy, Kotil stated that the Atak 2 will be completely domestic, including the gearbox and engine, and that the Americans will surpass Apache helicopters by weight.

Kotil, “The Americans’ helicopter on this issue is Apache. It is approximately 8-8.5 tons. Our helicopter is 12 tons. Heavier than. Ammunition above this, explosives 1200 kg. Around 300 kg in today’s Atak. So he will be a big brother. ” said.

Stating that Atak 2 is considered for the Naval Forces and aircraft carriers, Kotil gave the information “We are also doing it for the Land Forces and Gendarmerie”.

Temel Kotil also gave a date for Atak 2.

Accordingly, the Atak-2 heavy attack helicopter is planned to make its first flight in 2023 and to be delivered in 2025.

Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil drew attention to the fact that thousands of engineers were working on this project as well.

“Gökbey is the first in its class”
Prof. Kotil emphasized that the general purpose helicopter they are developing, Gökbey, will be the first in its class.

Kotil said that the helicopter, which will have a capacity of 12 people, can be used as an ambulance helicopter and carrying soldiers behind the front, is expected to be one of the most popular helicopters in the international market, and that certification flights are currently being made.

Kotil stated that they tried all possibilities in the air during these certification flights, if necessary, they disassemble and rebuild them on the ground, so the process is long and may take 2 years.

Temel Kotil also said that they plan to produce Gökbey 2 pieces per month, 24 pieces per year.

Mass production started in Aksungur
Kotil announced that Aksungur, the successor of Anka, started mass production; “We are also mass-producing our Anka-2, which can carry more loads and stay in the air more. Anka-2 stayed in the air for 48 hours. Therefore, to be controlled from a remote location, from any point in Turkey’s control center can come and go in all directions. Today they do not take a world tour, but I hope we will have UAVs touring the world soon. ” He spoke in the form.

“We are establishing the world’s 4th composite factory”
Reminding that they produce parts for world giants such as Airbus and Boeing, Kotil stated that they both produce value and learn the manufacturing technology at the same time.

Underlining that TAI is not only a part manufacturer but also a solution partner, Kotil reminded that they developed thermoplastics, and that a new generation factory with the 4th largest indoor area in the world was established to produce only composites.

Kotil also underlined that they provide 250 million dollars net input to the Turkish economy by producing parts for large aircraft companies; He noted that they aimed to increase this amount to 2 billion dollars.

“We are preparing for the Çanakkale victory of 2023”
Kotil stated that the state gained a great advantage by giving TAI many projects at the same time.

“HÜRKUŞ propeller trainer aircraft, HÜRJET jet training aircraft and National Combat Aircraft. When you put these three side by side, the propeller, jet training and fighter aircraft seem to come from the same factory and the same culture. When you integrate them together, you establish the best system in the world ”.

TUSAŞ Board Member and General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil stated that they are working hard for the Çanakkale Victory, which will be celebrated on March 18, 2023.

Kotil said:

“Our HÜRKUŞ is flying right now. Our “HÜRJET” will fly on March 18, 2023. On the 2023 anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory. MMU will leave the hangar on March 18, 2023 by starting the engine. Atak-2 will also fly for the first time on March 18, 2023.

“TAI’s 2028 target is top 10”
Temel Kotil also announced the 2028 targets of TAI, where he has been working for 4 years.

“The world does not know about you after you do not enter the top 10. If you enter the top 10, you will be at every table at every opportunity, ”said Kotil, and listed the slats they put in front of them as follows:

  • To be among the top 10 defense companies,
  • Increasing the number of engineers from 3500 to 10 thousand,
  • 10 billion dollars turnover,
  • To capture 2% of the world defense market.

TAI was ranked 53rd among the top 100 defense companies of Defense News, jumping 16 steps this year.