Ankara, Turkey – Ministry of National Defense press spokesman Nadide Şebnem Aktop issued a statement in response after the statement of US Department of Defense (Pentagon) spokesman Jonathan Hoffman condemning Turkey for the S-400.

“Like the S-300s used by NATO allies, the S-400 system will be used independently and without being integrated into any NATO command and control system,” Aktop said, noting that trials and system checks are being carried out as part of the natural process as part of the preparations for the supplied S-400 long-range zone air defense system.

Aktop, who noted that it is not consistent to claim that Turkey is acting contrary to NATO commitments, used the following statements:

“It is not consistent to claim that Turkey, which has fully fulfilled its responsibilities within the alliance, is acting contrary to its NATO commitments while continuously fighting against different risks and threats across a wide geography. Our expectation from our friends and allies is that instead of discourses such as relations will deteriorate, we will focus on discussing alternative solutions that we have brought so far on the S-400 system and reasonable technical measures that can be taken further, if any. Turkey’s goal is not to upset anyone, but to ensure the safety of its people.”