Aksaz, Turkey – Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar and TAF command echelon came to Aksaz Naval Base Command and followed the Tiger Claw 2020 exercise on site.

Minister of National Defense, Hulusi Akar, with chief of General Staff General Yasar Güler, commander of Land Forces, Gen. Hope Dundar, Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan Özbal and Air Forces Commander General Hasan Kucukakyuz, came to follow “Tiger Claw 2020 Exercise,” in Aksaz Naval Base Commander.

At the command, Akar and TAF command echelon, met by Naval Commander Oramiral Ercument Tatlioglu and other officials, moved to the base defense operations center of the Southern Task Group Command and received a briefing on the exercise.

Addressing the staff later, Akar stated that the Navy had successfully fulfilled everything that had to be done with the power it had received from its glorious history, and that it would continue to do so after that.

Akar, sovereignty, independence, which is the main duty of the Turkish Armed Forces, determined to ensure the security of the nation has fulfilled what needs to be done, stating, “especially FETO, PKK/YPG, Daesh against all kinds of threats and dangers, ‘if I die Martyr, if I stay Gazi’ in the understanding of our struggle to date, we have achieved great success. We will continue our struggle with the same determination., ” he said.

Akar stressed that they are in favor of finding political solutions to all problems in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus within the framework of dialogue, negotiations and good neighbourly relations, said:

“We have said that we are ready to do whatever needs to be done about it. We’re at the same point yesterday and today. We say that these problems can be solved through conversations, negotiations, whatever it is up to us to solve them, we are ready for dialogue. On the one hand, we say that we exist in negotiations on confidence-building measures on the other, as well as in negotiations on separation procedures that our president agreed with the Secretary General of NATO, we want to participate in them, we can discuss them. But unfortunately, our neighbor (Greece) is extremely slow, reluctant, but on the other hand, it (Greece) continues to make all kinds of untrue claims, demands, and deflects the facts, especially through the press.”

Akar, who stated that Turkey strives to understand the facts by making all kinds of statements on these issues, said:

“We are not in favor of tension, of escalation of tension. We are in favour of peace and tranquility as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it’s our neighbor who’s escalating the tension. Our neighbor (Greece) is the one who increases the tension, our neighbor (Greece) is the one who escapes the dialogue. They are doing all they can, but we say that despite all this, we will do our best, and in no way will we violate the rights, interests and interests of our country (Greece), our nation, we will not allow anything to happen, we repeatedly say that everyone should know that no solution that Turkey and the TRNC are not in will not be a solution.”

“It’s a futile effort” – ” what’s our neighbor (Greece) doing?” our neighbor (Greece) announced 46 Navtex training sites in three months, and a total of 22 training sites in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean as of October 1, 2020. It (Greece) only used two of them. I also want to remind them once again that they are against good neighborly relations., ” he said.

Minister Akar pointed to the problems between Turkey and Greece in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, saying: “it is completely contrary to the facts that Greece is pulling out and trying to show these problems as if this is a problem between Turkey and the EU. If there is a problem, it is the problems between Turkey and Greece. They are trying to portray these problems as Turkey-EU. This certainly does not reflect the facts, it is a futile effort.” said.

6 miles of territorial waters anywhere in the world, 10 miles of airspace will not be, everyone knows, and the US is starting to express this reality, Akar said:

“An agreement has been made, according to these agreements, the disarmament of 23 islands… They are armed when they should be of demilitarized military status. We are not able to accept them. 26 islands there are armed. It’s against the agreement. Who’s breaking the deal? These need to be known. They’re trying to get to some places with some of the things that happened here. We are determined, determined and able to protect and protect the rights and interests of Turkey.”

” We expect him to see that the decision is wrong, ” Hulusi Akar said, recalling that the level of localization and nationalization, which reached 70 percent under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the defense industry, has been reached, noting the importance of them going further.

Akar stressed that they will continue to do everything that needs to be done in this regard, and made the following assessments of the US decision to sanction S-400s:

“We are amazed and note that CAATSA has delighted some of us who are both our neighbors and allies. This has to be known. We need an air defense from 1982. Several studies have been conducted to meet this need. In the 90s, these studies intensified. This need has increased, especially with the events in Syria in 2011. There’s nothing hidden, nothing hidden here. Every thing is clear. This procurement process began with extremely transparent negotiations, conversations, took place. Currently, inspections and checks are being carried out. We have a plan that we make within the framework of political, military, economic and technological factors. Within the framework of this plan, our activities continue as planned. We expect the United States to see that this decision is wrong and to return from this decision as soon as possible, and that this decision will negatively affect not only Turkey, but also the NATO alliance, but also some of the work of the United States here. In this regard, we continue our work within the framework of the decision we have taken.”

Tiger Claw 2020 Exercise is being conducted in Aksaz region and international waters of the Mediterranean and airspace.

The control and management of the combat air forces for the joint exercise actual flying and firing is performed in coordination with the airspace control procedures enhance procedures for the TAF and methods by trying new tactics and aims to check the applicability of the methods.

21 aircraft, a helicopter, a frigate, 2 attack boats, an auxiliary ship, UAVs and various air defense systems are also involved in the exercise.