Ankara, Turkey – Minister of National Defense Akar, about the technical talks of the Turkish-Russian military delegations, “negotiations were held, our mutual work continues.” said. Akar also said, ” as Turkey, we will protect the right and law of the TRNC, and we will not violate it in any way. We’re not gonna let anything happen.” said.

A video conference meeting was held under the chairmanship of Minister Akar with the participation of Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, force commanders and deputy ministers Yunus Emre Karaosmanoğlu and Alpaslan Kavaklioğlu. Minister Akar gave instructions at the meeting, which discussed developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, counterterrorism operations and measures to combat coronavirus as part of Defense and security issues. Akar noted that the Turkish Armed Forces are going through a busy period. Akar recalled that a memorandum of understanding was signed between the ministries of Defense of Turkey and Russia after the agreement on Nagorno-Karabakh. “this is all a framework, it is necessary to work to fill the bottom of this. A large technical delegation about this came from Russia. Negotiations have been held, our mutual work continues,” he said.

Minister Akar also reacted to Armenia burning houses and forests as it retreated from the occupied territories.

Minister Akar, celebrating the 37th anniversary of the founding of the TRNC once again, said: “We need to do our best to ensure that the TRNC is safe. Let him be safe so that prosperity can come after him. Our position on this issue is clear, Cyprus is a national issue of Turkey. In the new era, this will continue in the same way. We are in the same perspective as our previous attitudes, situations and thoughts. In this regard, our president made everything clear and clear in his speech at the ceremony held on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the founding of the TRNC. In that context, we have to look at the issue and make our best efforts. Our wish, our wish, is for a peaceful, lasting solution through political means and methods. In the meantime, it is necessary for the Greeks to give up their intransigent attitude, to accept the Turkish presence there, to know that they are sovereign and equal elements. We have already said that we will not allow anything to happen, and this is not possible. As Turkey, as always, we will protect the rights and laws of the TRNC, and we will not violate them in any way.”

Minister Akar stated that Turkey will continue to fulfill its responsibilities arising from the guarantor, and reiterated that they will not allow anything to happen. Akar, who noted that research ships continue their technical and scientific work in the Eastern Mediterranean, said: “these ships continue their work, we ensure their safety and escort them. In this regard we are committed. As TAF, we are committed to protecting and protecting the rights, interests and interests of our country and our nation on land, at sea, in the air,” he said.