Ankara, Turkey – “Any kind of sanctions creates a counter-effect,” said Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who reacted to the European Union’s sanctions against Turkey’s activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in the Italian newspaper La Stampa: “the EU does not dare to impose sanctions on us. Turkey will defend its interests, ” he said in a statement.

Cavusoglu, speaking about the possibility that the European Union (EU) will impose sanctions on Turkey, said that any sanctions will lead to a counter-effect, which will do nothing but strengthen Turkey’s resolve.

“The only way to normalize relations is to separate the maximalist demands from the relations between Turkey and the EU,” Cavusoglu said, noting that Turkey only protects its rights and the interests of Turkish Cypriots in the face of Greece’s maximalist demands in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cavusoglu, speaking about Russia’s offer of an interim settlement between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA), said: “Russia can only assume the role of an interim settlement between the two sides on the island very well if it is neutral.”

“We cooperate as much as possible with Russia and maintain our position when necessary,” Cavusoglu said, noting that Russia is Turkey’s neighbor and an important actor in the region.

“We must separate the attacker and the victim”
“Do you not think that Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan further undermines already sensitive relations with Armenia?”he gave the following answer to the question:

“If our relations with Armenia are sensitive, the main reason for this is that Armenia has chosen an aggressive path in the region and cannot pursue a policy capable of being a constructive and responsible partner at the same time. We have to separate the attacker and the victim here.

Superficial demands for an immediate cessation of hostilities and a permanent cease-fire will not be useful this time. After all, if our relations with Armenia are uncertain, this is not our choice. Of course, if Armenia chooses to be a constructive and responsible partner for peace in the region, Azerbaijan will have a lot to gain from it.”

Libya issue
Addressing the Libya issue, Cavusoglu recalled that colonial France supported the coup d’etat Hafter, who tried to overthrow the legitimate government at gunpoint. Cavusoglu said that France had chosen illegitimate groups as its interlocutors in Libya.

Normalization agreement between UAE and Israel
“This agreement will also encourage Israel to continue its illegal actions and continue the occupation of the Palestinian Territories,” Cavusoglu said, noting that the agreement in question will hinder the common Arab position and undermine the two-state solution.