Antalya, Turkey – “The 18 islands are armed by Greece in violation of the agreements,” National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said. These escalate tensions, destroy mutual dialogue,” he said.

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, who attended the memorial ceremony of artillery captain Mustafa Ertugrul Aker in the Kas district of Antalya, made statements about the tensions in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

Highlights from Akar’s statements are as follows:

Here, our Greek neighbors leave the agreements to one side and insist that the islands are very seriously subject to maritime jurisdiction. Studies on this subject are carried out, theses are discussed. This island needs to be decommissioned like the other 23 islands. In all previous agreements, this should be weapons-free. The 18 islands were armed and deployed by our Greek neighbors in violation of agreements. These are escalating tensions, destroying understanding. Escalating tensions, provocative behavior must be put aside.

We are in favor of dialogue
Our Greek neighbors are extremely selfish, interpreting the law according to them. Some advanced activities to date. We want them to be carried out in accordance with international law. We’ll complete the work on this. At the moment, Turkey is extremely stable. We’re in favor of dialogue. We want problems to be solved by peaceful means.

Recently, an arms race has begun in Greece. It is kept on the agenda with the encouragement and encouragement of France. We need to open the dialogue channel before the snow falls on the mountains. Everyone should see that this is a much healthier and more rational way.

Macron turns on Greece
In our understanding, the tension is of no use to anyone. Macron’s leadership has a provocative approach. Greece is being driven, directed. In the last 15 days, 4 large land-sea and air elements participated in the exercises. It’s the drill we do, the drill we do every year. Peace and stability are being damaged here.

In a sense, the politics of Macron’s leadership seem to have gone bankrupt. They’re taking some precautions in their own way to cover it up. They supported the YPG/PKK, they supported Hafter and his policies collapsed. As Macron sees support disappearing, he is trying to cover up his own mistakes with anger. Our Greek neighbors are not caught up in some attempts by the French, they see the truth. Greece should not be an appetizer to Macron’s self-bailout operations.