Ankara, Turkey – Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar said that he believes that the current relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan on both military training, cooperation and defense industry issues will continue to increase, which will be very useful for the two countries and their armed forces.

Akar was welcomed at a ceremony in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur Sultan, where he came to make official visits.

The military ceremony began after Akar, who was greeted by Defense Minister Nurlan Yermekbayev on his arrival at the Ministry of defense of Kazakhstan, took his place in the field.

After the ceremony, in which the national anthems of the two countries were played by the marching band, Akar saluted the ceremonial continent, the ministers first met head-to-head, and then chaired inter-delegation talks.

Speaking at the opening of the inter-delegation meeting, Akar thanked them for the hospitality shown to them in Kazakhstan, which he described as “ancestral homeland”.

Expressing his satisfaction with being in Kazakhstan, Akar said:

“It’s exciting for us to be in the ancestral homeland. 2 thousand-3 thousand years of history come to life in our eyes. On the territory of Ata, we follow with great pride the achievements of brother Kazakhstan. Our common history, our past and the common values we have associated with it are very valuable to us. In particular, the intimate, constructive and close relations at the highest level that exist between our presidents facilitate our work. The frame they draw promises a wide working space for us. I believe that the current relations between military training, cooperation and the defense industry will continue to increase, which will be very useful for our countries and our Armed Forces.”

Akar added that the strategic partnership agreement signed between the two countries in 2019 draws an important direction to relations.

Kazakhstan’s Defense Minister Nurlan Yermekbayev greeted Minister Akar with the phrase” Welcome from motherland to ancestral homeland.” Despite all the intense developments in the region, Yermekbayev thanked Akar, who found the opportunity and came to Kazakhstan, and said: “as friendly and fraternal countries, we need to further develop our relations., “he said.

Recalling that the two countries also have membership in international unions and institutions, Yermekbayev said: “Turkey and Kazakhstan are states that are considered common to each other in both trade and economy.” said. After the opening speeches, the inter-delegation meeting continued closed to the press.

Akar, who signed the Ministry’s Honor Book at the end of the meeting, told reporters here that they had a very positive and constructive meeting with Yermekbayev.

“Since there is a consensus by our presidents at the highest level, we can easily organize our own activities within the framework they draw. As parties, we agree that both countries have strong armed forces in terms of military, training and cooperation, and that sharing knowledge and experience will provide significant synergy.”was in the form.