Ankara, Turkey – Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said: “No one should expect Turkey, the country with the longest coastline in the Eastern Mediterranean, to be imprisoned on its shores and give up the resources it has the right to. Initiatives that exclude or even oppose us also have no chance of success,” he said.

Foreign Minister Cavusoglu addressed the ambassadors working in Turkey’s foreign and central organization at the 12th Conference of ambassadors held at the Presidential Complex. Minister Çavuşoğlu stated that they held 61 diplomatic video conferences during the Coronavirus outbreak and said, “the methods of diplomacy are to adapt to the technology and characteristics of the era. Although there were travel restrictions during the epidemic, we continued our face-to-face diplomacy without lowering our tempo. Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have made 24 trips abroad. Mr. President, during this period, we made 205 phone calls, and we made 251 phone calls,” he said.

Minister Cavusoglu stated that since the beginning of the outbreak, Turkish diplomacy has offered its services in all areas without disrupting, “we coordinated the largest evacuation operation in the history of the Republic through the coordination and support center of our ministry. Mr. President again shared the figures with you yesterday. At a time when many countries were closed in, we extended our hand to help the whole world. We are also proud to be world leaders in humanitarian issues during the epidemic. We’ve all been through a lot of exemplary stories about public service being a service to a person. From Latin America to Asia, from North America to Africa, we have brought direct services to our citizens in almost every geography, we have touched people. As a ‘compassionate power’, Turkey is giving an excellent test on behalf of all humanity. The epidemic didn’t stop us, but it affected the whole world deeply. The outbreak has also affected global power balances. States of all powers have entered into competition with each other. International solidarity has been dealt a serious blow. The international system is in the throes of change. The geography we are in is shrouded in problems. Sometimes it is necessary to create games, sometimes it is necessary to disrupt games to protect our legitimate interests. We are not shy about being entrepreneurs either way. We are putting our domestic and national strength on the field and at the table, we will put it,” he said.

Minister Cavusoglu stated that Cyprus is Turkey’s national cause and said, “it is clear who is blocking the solutions on Cyprus. There is a problematic mentality on the island that does not see Turkish society as equal. The European Union has made this mentality a member and blocked hopes for a solution. In addition, he supports the attempt to confiscate common wealth, at least with promise. To date, they have not accepted political equality. Where there is no political equality, there should be and will be sovereign equality. The Turkish Cypriot people will no longer sit at the table just to negotiate. They gave this message in the last election,” he said.

Minister Cavusoglu, regarding the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, noted:

“No one should expect Turkey, the country with the longest coastline in the eastern Mediterranean, to be imprisoned on its shores and give up the resources it has the right to. Initiatives that exclude or even oppose us also have no chance of success. A neighbor needs a neighbor’s Ashes. We want to deal with the problems with Greece by talking. We are not closing the door to dialogue and diplomacy. While the Greek prime minister wrote articles in newspapers in France, Germany, England and tried to benefit the public opinion of other countries, we addressed the Greek people directly by writing articles in a Greek newspaper. We said, ‘Let’s live with tension and escalation if you want, or cooperate, diplomacy, the choice is Greece’s’. Turkey is able to go all the way. We also offer them all kinds of reasonable diplomatic openings.”

“Syria, which has been in instability for 10 years, is now free of terror, a political solution that will meet the expectations of its people, and ensuring the return of refugees is our goal in the first place,” Cavusoglu said:

“We did not allow those who wanted to create a terrorist corridor on our border. We will not allow anyone to legitimize terror in our region, regardless of its name. We are continuing our activities to maintain a ceasefire in Idlib. We are also committed to protecting innocent people in the area. We have opened our doors to those fleeing the war in Syria, and now we are making sure they return home safely. The situation in Libya has been one of the top priorities on our agenda this year. From the beginning, we have argued that the crisis can only be solved through political dialogue. But by being content with expressions of support, we had no option to leave developments in this country, which we have deep-rooted ties to. We took the initiative and took action to prevent chaos.”

Minister Cavusoglu, ” they say European Union solidarity, so where is NATO solidarity, while none of them can be safe outside NATO, what is the explanation for this contradiction? The situation in which our allies have fallen on the FETO, PKK/PYD, Eastern Mediterranean is regrettable. We also know that today, as in the past, circles that show teeth against Turkey, extend their language, sooner or later they ask for help from Turkey. We are among the 5 countries that contribute the most to NATO operations. We expect steps to be taken to eliminate the elements that poison our bilateral relations. S-400 missile system acquired, finished. We have not been able to buy alternatives from the United States and our NATO allies, we have needs. What is the contribution of sanctions and threat language to the strength of the alliance, what is the interest of the United States in this, the United States should do very well to account for this. The fact that they gave us weapons to a hostile terrorist organization has created a crisis of trust between us. Our expectation of the coup leader is very clear, ” he said.

Minister Cavusoglu emphasized that the EU, like Turkey, is a neighbor with a geography that cannot find its balance, and said: “Turkey and the EU have a common interest in ending the fragility and conflicts. Some member states are particularly tense in our relations with the EU. Greece, Greek Cypriots and France are taking bilateral issues with our country to the EU platform. Membership is abusing its solidarity against us. Others are also watching the confused, intimidated situation. The silent majority among EU members are aware of the importance of dialogue with Turkey for Europe’s own future. It is possible to revive a beneficial relationship order through a positive agenda by preserving our membership process. There are concrete opportunities, whether it’s updating the customs union, visa liberalization. And the issue of immigration is a common issue for all of us. The March 18 memorandum needs to be updated on that understanding,” he said.

Cavusoglu, who noted that terrorist infiltration into Turkey has decreased as a result of the paw operations, said: “we will continue our struggle until the root of the PKK is completely dug up. The PKK is now attacking the Kurds in Iraq. Have we not always said that the PKK is a threat to our Kurdish brothers and sisters? Our support for Iraqi Turkmen will continue,” he said.

Minister Cavusoglu, foreign and Islamic hostility that has become a problem in Europe for some time can gradually turn Europe into the sick man of the world, stating: “You know what is done to children in France, we will follow it, we will not let it go. We see how incapable those who try to lecture us on issues such as human rights, children’s rights, and women’s rights are. Instead of being tolerant or learning to live together, trying to regulate the religions of others is obvious. We will continue to advocate a culture of tolerance and coexistence. As the Foreign Ministry, we will prepare annual reports on developments in the West, especially on issues such as xenophobia, Islam and anti-immigration. We will expose the crimes committed through these reports and follow the legal processes,” he said.