Ankara, Turkey – “Greece is not ready for dialogue,” Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said of the tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean with Greece. Minister Çavuşoğlu, ” we are ready for dialogue without preconditions. If Greece is stubborn, then we insist on our own preconditions,” he said.

Speaking at the European Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, Minister Çavuşoğlu said:

By 2018, our activities in the region have started our first drilling operation.
This occurred 7 years after the drilling of the Greek Cypriot Administration.

We have made a deal with the official government of Libya.

Policy advisers to the Turkish and Greek leaders also held several meetings. And as a result, we, our military, have also taken a decision to take confidence-building measures among our armies.

And we were going to make a joint statement on August 7th. But not long before that, unfortunately, Greece approved the agreement with Egypt and took a step towards entering into an agreement with us. Therefore, Greece is not ready to enter into dialogue with Turkey.

I was in Malta, and we made a declaration on immigration on March 18. Mrs Merkel’s advisers were also there. They were disappointed to find out. After Greece lost credibility, we started our work.

They also began to harass the Turkish minority in Western Thrace. These people are innocent people.

We supported Germany’s mediation activities. So I agreed to meet with the Greek Foreign Minister. But the Greek side refused.

On 3 September, we responded positively to the statement made by the secretary general of NATO. But Greece said yes from the start, but after the secretary-general announced it, they said no.

We are ready for dialogue without preconditions. If Greece is stubborn, then we insist on our own preconditions.

Dear Members of the European Parliament and dear friends, Turkey’s position is in accordance with international law.

An agreement must also be made with the countries ‘ maritime jurisdictions.

And the Greek islands that remain on the wrong side of this middle line, those that remain on our side, should not be granted economic exclusive space at this point.

At this point, not knowing borders or having rights are different concepts.
Greece has maximalist claims at this point. Greece even uses a 10-square-kilometer island. Which is 2 kilometers off our coast. 550-600 kilometers from the mainland of Greece.

Our relations with the EU are bumpy, but we always want to continue the dialogue.

We want the EU to sit on the axis of reasonableness and rationality. We do not want the EU to take deterrent steps in the face of our own sovereign rights. A lot has also been said here about the map of Seville.

We see that the goals of Greece and Greek Cypriots at this point are supported only and only in the name of solidarity. We are ready for an unconditional dialogue on better relations with Greece and the EU.