Beijing, China – The Chinese people’s Liberation Army (PLA) has deployed two unmanned helicopters near the Indian border.

It was announced that troops of the PLA Tibet Military Command, located on the Indian border, have deployed two unmanned helicopters designed locally for high-altitude combat to the Indian border.

Blowfish A2 and Ranger P2-X, manufactured by Zhuhai Zian company, were deployed to the border. According to the Global Times, these two helicopters are equipped with capabilities that can perform tasks such as strategic support, material shipment, logistical support, intelligence, reconnaissance and tactical attack.

The Ranger P2-X, the company’s latest model for land and sea defense reconnaissance missions, stands out for its good maneuverability, as well as wind resistance and a modular design. The Ranger P2-X is capable of long-term reconnaissance missions over the target and can fly over difficult terrain such as mountainous areas.