Ankara, Turkey – In a statement about Greek aggressive provocations and violations MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli said, ” it is unthinkable that we turn our back on our historical interests in the Mediterranean and the Islands Sea. And those who think are either fond or fall into error of account., ” he said.

In his August 30 message, the MHP leader also addressed the Greek – Turkish tensions and made an important statement on the issue.

August 26 August 1922 began on the Great Offensive, 26 August 1071 Malazgirt victory in terms of virtue and nature in terms of a huge step, genealogy and spirit in terms of a giant foot pointed out in his written statement.

30 August message

Bahçeli said, ” The Great Offensive with the victory of Malazgirt in our evil eye and the victory of the commander-in-chief on August 30 will not mean anything other than the flow of the same blood in the same vein, only on different dates. Painted media, some rootless politicians ‘celebrated Malazgirt, banned August 30’ slander is not only an insult to the ancestry, but also a betrayal of the country and the nation. The ungrateful and veil coalition is humiliated. Our martyr prosecutor in front of the Istanbul Bar Association M.Selim Kiraz’s blood-spilt blood fingerprint of the collaborationist terrorist with a rag-shaped poster of the scepter, the focus of history digging up animosity, fed from the same dish. Among the victories of the Turkish nation of historical ignorance, the aims of planting a nursery of hypocrisy, the style of abuse and denial of our honorable history, the creation of the homeland, the saving of the Homeland, The Kissing of our holy elders, will only be considered as the activity of the fifth column,” he said.

‘The separatists are the dynamite trappers’

Bahçeli, 30 August 1922 Dumlupinar under the command of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Sultan Alparslan and the heroic soldiers at the cost of their lives at the trust of the glorious Turkish soldier, taking care of, emphasizing, “the source of inspiration and will of the Great Offensive Malazgirt victory is hidden in the soul root. Sultan Alparslan is the homeland honor of Turkishness. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is a symbol of the liberation of Turkishness. Those who divide between these two honorable names, trap dynamite between Malazgirt and the Great Offensive, serve Greek theses, Armenian diaspora, Greek games, Crusader operations, cruel scenarios, and expect outrageous help from them. The victory of 30 August is the order of resurrection and ascension of the Turkish nation. And it will remain so forever, ” he said.

‘Greece’s appetite of spillage into the sea has swelled’

Bahçeli pointed out that Greece is a malignant tumor that has plagued the Turkish nation since 1821, and said: “If this tumor is not to be treated if possible, it will be plucked and discarded regardless of the cost. The Greek mentality’s hostility to Turkey and Islam is at an advanced point. On the 98th anniversary of our 30 August victory, the Mediterranean and the Islands Sea became the main site of pirate imposition, brazen provocations, and demonstrations of hostility. Greece’s tension policies, aggressive and imperious desires have bent Turkey’s measures of patience and tolerance to breaking point, eventually bringing it to the final stage. In the Mediterranean and the Islands Sea, the navies are mutually positioned. In fact, two separate blocks and right gathered in the trench and superstition, hero and coward are the others with the Turkish nation. Consecutive military exercises, Navtex announcements, heavy fighting in the air and at sea increase the risk of hot conflict day by day. Apparently, Greece’s desire and appetite to spill into the sea has swelled again. Greece and its cruel supporters, who do not see, do not see, even if they do not care, that pressing the nerve endings of the Turkish nation will have severe consequences, are in the middle of a campaign of incitement that will end very badly,” he said.

Waiting to hit a mine in the Islands Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, deepening and softening the rapid confrontation, de-confrontation, stress reduction, emphasizing that it is defuse the crisis in the final analysis the expectations of an intimate garden, “in this context, Greece’s consistent and backing movement with international law, is an unavoidable imperative,” he said.

‘We are facing a new occupation project’

Another problem is France’s deployment of military assets to the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA) in the opposition of the London and Zurich Treaties of 1959 and 1960. “a new Macron plot is in circulation. Besides France, Italy, where it is not clear where it stands, some Gulf countries sneaking around from behind, and Egypt are caught in a very dangerous maelstrom in the Mediterranean. Greece armed 16 of the 23 islands, which had to be demilitarized in accordance with the 1923 Lausanne and 1947 Paris treaties, and turned them into castles. Moreover, in addition to the Twelve Islands, the ongoing debate about many geographical formations has unfortunately developed against Turkey. Greece is aiming to rise and hold on to our homeland again from where it spilled into the sea 98 years ago. We are facing a new occupation project. This situation is a matter of existence and extinction on behalf of the Republic of Turkey, regardless of the end and result. To date, diplomatic contacts, reconciliation efforts, negotiations, meetings and the processes of putting problems on the table have not worked, have not benefited. Aside from easing our problems with Greece, it has become increasingly impossible to get out of it. The mediation of the United States and Germany between Turkey and Greece has not opened the doors of the agreement so far,” he said.

‘Greece’s imposition is a cause of war’

Bahceli, German Chancellor Merkel’s invitation to all EU countries to stand by Greece is essentially a crusader call, he said:

“Greece Navtex, which came to fill, intended to violate the areas we declared with the last 6 warplanes, and remained in this eagerness in the southwest of Cyprus. Greece, which plays with fire, France, which provokes, and those who sit at the gambling table set up to play the winner are familiar countries. Two Navtexes have been announced separately against Greece’s military exercises with France, Italy and the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus, and on September 1-2, 2020, it was announced that we will conduct firing training off Iskenderun. Turkey is determined and will not back down. Turkey is right, it will not give up its right or its law. If it is abandoned, it is necessary that the Anatolian lands face a new wave of invasion. Cutting off the front of our seismic research ship Oruç Reis is to mean Turkey’s land and sea Homeland. Using force will not allow this. It is unthinkable that we turn our backs on our historical interests in the Mediterranean Sea and the Islands Sea. And those who think are either fond or fall into error of account. Greece’s imposition of 12 nautical miles is a cause of war. It is Greece’s attitude and behavior that will determine whether the rising blood pressure will lead to bleeding and a terrible fight. Otherwise, the sin will be gone from the Turkish nation.”

‘There are no concessions that Turkey will make’

Bahçeli said that the urgent expectation of the Turkish nation is to question the status quo that prevails in the Aegean; to balance and change it in a fair, equal and fair way, and said:

“Taking into account the geographical, political and other characteristics of the twelve Islands, the repeated legal treatment will add vitality to the hopes of peace and stability in the Islands Sea and will compensate for the injustice that has occurred against our country. But Greece is malevolent, openly challenging international law, our sovereign rights and national security. The fate of those who challenge the Turkish nation to face the consequences is either a grave or an auction. There is no compromise that Turkey can make. Mediocre talks, agreements and compromises with Greece are moving away from the limits of opportunity every day. Everyone should know that the place we look at is Kocatepe, the place we step on is Dumlupinar, the place we flag is Izmir, and the place where we sink the enemy is the Islands Sea. No country should approach the fire it will ignite from all sides in our continental shelf and exclusive economic zone areas, with a show of strength, a navy shipment, land and sea waters. We will never tarnish our blessed victory, the ultimate reward of the August 30 battle of commander-in-chief square, and we will not bow to what we buried yesterday today. Blessed is our victory, and I hope that many great victories will meet our holy nation in the future. I remember all the heroic veterans of our Liberation War, the Reverend martyrs, the monuments of courage and sacrifice with mercy, gratitude and gratitude, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.”