Ankara, Turkey –  “The status of the Twelve Islands should be re-evaluated,” said MHP Leader Devlet Bahçeli.

Leader of the MHP Bahçeli, who made assessments on twelve islands, made the following statements:

The Dodecanese issue is the bleeding wound of the Turkish nation. These islands have been taken from us unjustly, impudently and unlawfully. The status of the Dodecanese should be reconsidered. In fact, the Islands Sea problem between us and Greece is nothing more than the Twelve-Island problem taking on a new dimension.

Turkey’s sovereign rights and national security are threatened through the islands.

According to the Treaties of 1923 Lausanne and 1947 Paris, 16 of the 23 islands that had to be demilitarized were quickly armed and converted into arsenals. This is wrong, heedlessness, even treachery. In particular, the accumulation of weapons and soldiers made the Twelve Islands even more controversial, violating the legitimacy of international treaties and even destroying them.

Greece and its tyrannical masters wanted to surround our environment, while fundamentally dynamiting the legal status of the Twelve Islands, documenting the gap in ownership of these islands.

Turkey has rights on twelve Islands, has words, has memories, has traces that will not come out.

Considering the time and events that have taken place since 1912, it is completely contrary to the national spirit to deny and neglect our rights on the Twelve Islands.

Our work and evaluations on this issue will continue.

Of course, what we will do and what we will say will be shared with the public, respectively.

Our goal in the first place is this.

On the ninth of the ninth month at Nine O’clock, that is, on September 9, 2020, we will march determination for Istiklal (Independence) by having eighty-one countrymen in each of the twelve delegations to be formed representing the Twelve Islands, until the area where the enemy has poured into the sea in Izmir.

I believe that the Turkish youth will be excited to provide all the necessary preparation and work from today.

Let it not be forgotten that if we give up our rights, we will be honored.

Honor is the lifeblood of a nation, the ticker of being, the question of waiting, the share of Honor.

On this occasion, on the 10th day of Muharram, a mourning month, Hussein the grandson of our Prophet, who was martyred in Karbala. I ask for mercy from Allah Almighty to Hussein and the honorable elders of the people of the House.

Resisting injustice, resisting cruelty is a Hussein morality.

The Turkish nation is armed with this morality.

Hussein’s posture and consciousness will suffice to extensions of Yazid.

With the Zulfikar (a scissor-like double bladed sword) we hold in our hearts, we will continue our struggle against the oppressors heroically.

Instead of living like Yazid, rather than being like Pharaoh, like the Prophet if necessary. We will give life and blood like Hussein.