Paris, France – As an aggressive neighbor Greece has been threatening Turkey over issues including Western Thrace, Aegean Sea, Migration, the Greek occupation of Aegean Islands, Continental Shelf, Territorial Waters, FIR line, Religion and the Future of Cyprus.

Now Eastern Mediterranean has become Greece’s new malignant theater of threat. Indeed, the prospect of natural gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean has the NATO neighbors in a tense standoff.

The navies of Turkey and Greece are both at sea; Turkey and Greece are confronting each other due to worsening relations in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean.

Turkey sent Oruc Reis seismic research vessel to the Eastern Mediterranean to explore oil exploitation rights within its continental shelf.

This crisis has been seen since 1976 years in Aegean and now we are seeing that both countries have been defending their claims in Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean.

The Turkish agreement with Libya for sharing the East Mediterranean raised tensions, later Greece’s agreement with Egypt, so Greece is aggressively seen pushing to get the maximum in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Carrot and stick strategy

The European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council has been discussing what should be the appropriate European response. Sanctions are on the table.

Greece claims possible EU sanctions, “carrot and stick policy”, against Turkey will undoubtedly send a strong message to the Turkish side.

Meanwhile, MED7 summit express ‘full support and solidarity to Greece and the GCA, opposite Turkey.

In principle, all countries must comply with International Law of the Sea and resolve differences through dialogue.

The seven leaders – of Greece, the GCA, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain – also welcomed the mediation efforts of EU High Representative Josep Borrell and Germany, with a view to continuing the dialogue between Greece and Turkey on the issue of the Maritime Zones.

However, Greece has positively not responded to the Turkey’s repeated calls to end its unilateral and illegal actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean.