Terter, Azerbaijan – A school targeted by Armenia in the village of Duğerli, Terter, Azerbaijan, and a car parked next to the school were completely unusable. After the first attack, Terterians who went to look at the school were caught in the second Armenian attack. 1 person was killed and 6 were injured in the attack.

The school’s ceiling collapsed due to dropped bombs, while fragments of shrapnel were seen riddling the walls. A group of Terterians who heard that the school was being targeted were subjected to a second attack by Armenians when they went to look at the school. 1 person was killed and 6 people were injured when shrapnel fragments were hit in the attack.

Employees of Azerbaijani television channel AZTV, who went to view the bombed school, were also in great danger. Reporter Elnur Tofig said part of the school’s ceiling fell on them with a bomb thrown when he went to view the school.

“Our driver was injured in the face and abdomen, ” said Tofig, who also said he saw a citizen seriously injured in the leg and arm. We treated him, but there was one injury, it was severe. We took him in our car and brought him to the hospital,” he said.

Aztv’s vehicle was seen to have its tires blown out and its windows smashed with shrapnel fragments, while the hood of the car parked next to the school was riddled with shrapnel fragments that hit it.