Ganja, Mingachevir, Azerbaijan – There were missile attacks on Ganja and Mingachevir, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani vice president Hikmet Hajiyev announced civilian casualties. It is reported that the missile fired at ganja hit a multi-storey building and the building where many people lived was completely destroyed. Armenia and its supporters act as a network of massacres that are not even in the law of war. These attacks and massacres will not go unpunished.

Armenia targets civilians, attacks two cities in Azerbaijan
Armenian armed forces opened fire again on Ganja. Several explosions occurred in the city. According to initial reports, one of the bullets hit a house. A 10-year-old boy has been rescued from the wreckage.

“The Armenian army, which is behind the ceasefire, continues to commit war crimes, “Azerbaijani vice president Hikmet Hajiyev said in a statement after the attack. The cities of ganja and Mingachevir were subjected to missile attacks. New missile systems were introduced to Armenia and immediately used against civilians in Azerbaijan. Among the casualties in the youth are civilians, ” he said.

Azerbaijan’s vice president Hajiyev said more than 20 houses were destroyed in Armenia’s missile attack on Ganja.

According to initial information, 5 people were killed, 2 of them children, and 35 were injured in the attacks, Hajiyev said.

As a result of Armenia’s missile attack, the number of people killed in Ganja has risen to 12.

Armenia’s missile attack on civilian settlements in Ganja killed 12 civilians and injured more than 40, the Azerbaijan prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Azerbaijani vice president Hikmet Hajiyev announced in a statement that the attack was carried out with an SCAD missile.

Armenia’s missile fired at Ganja hit the multi-storey building. The building where dozens of families lived was completely destroyed.