Tokyo, Japan – Scientists in Japan have argued that the low level of ozone concentration neutralizes the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) particles, a treatment that can be used in disinfection of hospitals.

They said they had proof that it could destroy the virus

At an online conference they attended, Fujita Health University researchers said they had proven that the use of ozone gas at a level of 0.1 or 0.05 per million, considered harmless to human health, could destroy the virus, according to national media reports.

For 10 hours time

Accordingly, the researchers conducted an experiment using an ozone generator in a sealed chamber containing the Covid-19 sample, applying a low level of ozone concentration for 10 hours, reducing the virus’s penetration by 90 percent.

One of the researchers, Murata Takayuki, said clearing hospitals from coronavirus would also provide a potential method of low-concentration ozone therapy.

Especially in high humid conditions

“With continuous and low levels of ozone concentration treatment, virus transmission can be reduced even in locations where people are present,” Takayuki said. We found it to be particularly effective in high humidity conditions.” said.

In this context, ozone generators were installed in patient rooms and waiting points at the University’s hospital in Aichi province to lower the level of infection.

Although the concentration of ozone, which can neutralize many disease microbes, is effective against Covid-19, the potential harm to human health had previously been revealed.