Ankara, Turkey – Kuwait’s Ambassador to Ankara, Ghassan Al-Zawawi, said Turkey supports Syria’s policy as a country.

Kuwait’s Ambassador to Ankara, Ghassan Al-Zawawi, expressed appreciation for this attitude of Turkey, which is hosting about 4.5 million Syrians indefinitely, saying: ‘Kuwait certainly supports Turkey very much in this regard and likes it very much., “he said.

Al-Zawawi, who came to Gaziantep to meet with Syrian associations and charities for which Kuwait provides financial support, said about Turkey’s support for Syrians and its work.

Ghassan Al-Zawawi said the Kuwaiti state had a stance rather than a view of events in Syria.

“We look at events in Syria as humanitarian”
Ghassan Al-Zawawi, who said the stance was officially declared by the Kuwaiti state against the system in Syria, said: “we look at the events in Syria as humanitarian. We wish that all the inhabitants of Syria, regardless of their religion and race, may live there in peace and peace.” said.

Ghassan Al-Zawawi said that they wish for peace and security in Syria again, and that they hope that Syrians will return to their land and improve there.

“Turkey was the only one about Syrians”
Al-Zawawi, who stressed that Kuwait congratulates Turkey’s behavior towards Syrians, noted:

“The assessment with this greeting for Turkey is very special and real. Because Turkey was the only one about Syrians. Turkey hosts 4.5 million Syrians on its territory and pays very high costs. Turkey has not had a specific deadline on Syrians. This issue is even more important because it is indefinitely. Kuwait certainly supports and likes Turkey very much on the issue of Syrians.”

Al-Zawawi reported that the Kuwaiti state provided financial support to Syrians in Turkey, and the support they gave to private charities in Turkey in the past year amounted to about $ 16 million.