Istanbul, Turkey – Businessman Jak Kamhi, 95, founder of Profilo Holding, one of the founders of Turkish industry, has died.

In a statement on Twitter, the Turkish Jewish Community announced that Jak Kamhi had passed away. In a statement, “Dear elder, winner of the state Distinguished Service Medal, selfless & successful work and vision of our beloved Turkey & society in the best way in all areas, we are deeply saddened to have lost Jak Kamhi, the doyen of business life.” statements were included.

Kamhi, the first manufacturer of many household appliances and white goods in Turkey, was born in Istanbul in 1925.

Kamhi, who spent his childhood in Tepebashi, graduated from Saint Michel high school. After studying engineering at Yildiz Technical University, he was thrown into business life.

Kamhi has achieved many successes throughout his career, the Istanbul Chamber of industry (ISO), Union of Turkish metal industrialists (MESS), Turkish industrialists ‘ and businessmen’s Association (TÜSIAD) and member of many organizations such as the board of directors, served as chairman for many years.

Jak Kamhi, who was awarded the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Distinguished Service Award in 1991 for his contribution to the foreign promotion of Turkey, He was also president of the 500th Year Foundation for many years.

Who is Jak Kamhi?
He was born in Istanbul in 1925. His real name is Jak Cordoba Sultana Hayim Kamhi. He graduated from Saint Michel high school and Yıldız Technical University. He received training in “steel construction” in France. He entered the rubber business at the age of 17. He also translated in very good French. At the age of 19, he worked on an asphalt construction site.

He completed his military service as a reserve officer in Ankara in 1949. It was the first manufacturer in Turkey of many tools such as television, iceberg, motorcycle, automatic washing machine.

With the company Profilo, which he founded in 1954, he produced many materials such as traffic poles, roadside steel barriers needed by highways.

He was honored with the “Distinguished Service Award” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1991 for his contribution to the promotion of Turkey.

He survived a rocket attack by chance in 1993.

In 2007, he was awarded the State Distinguished Service Medal by President of Turkey Ahmet Necdet Sezer.