Nicosia, Cyprus – The Greek and Greek Cypriot leadership advocates that the Cyprus talks are basically built on a federation system where there has been no solution for 50 years. The Helen duo reject suggestions of other solutions on Cyprus issue. Thus, it continues the policy of maintaining the non-solution in Cyprus in the name of its own advantages as a solution.

On the other hand, the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot leadership say that the negotiations will sit at the table only if there is a confederal system based on a two-state solution.

Furthermore, as part of the Blue homeland, Turkey raises the discussion of all existing problems in the Aegean and Mediterranean, while Greece claims that it will not discuss issues such as the demilitarization of islands in the Aegean, the FIR line and airspace issues, but can only discuss issues with the Exclusive Economic Zone in the Mediterranean.

Although the negotiating positions of the parties are extremely opposite, they do not want to avoid international public pressure and negotiations with domestic political considerations. In a sense, this situation is dragged into the process of contact in the name of advancing the lack of resolution.